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Our office structure does not allow us to accommodate walk-in visitors and employees. We encourage you to contact your Department's Human Resource Representative or contact us.

Government Agencies

Immigration Attorneys

If a foreign national retains the services of a private immigration attorney, it is in the individual's best interest to verify that the attorney is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and further that the attorney has specific expertise in the immigration classification sought.

The University’s Office of Faculty and Staff Immigration Services advises and assists departments and units in obtaining appropriate work authorization for department selected foreign national candidates and employees. In fulfilling that role, it is the only office which is authorized to represent the University with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Department of Labor relative to the employment of foreign nationals.

On rare occasions a department selected foreign national candidate or employee may establish an arrangement independently with an outside attorney to represent his/her personal interests in seeking work authorization, and/or assist in the preparation of an employment-based petition. Such arrangements are limited to the representation and support of the foreign national. The external attorney cannot represent the department and/or the University, since outside attorneys are not authorized to establish or participate in arrangements that would indicate that the outside attorney represents The University of Iowa. When an outside attorney is engaged, the foreign national must pay for any fees incurred through this arrangement.

When a foreign national indicates intent to have an outside attorney prepare an immigration petition, the department is expected to submit the completed Case Initiation Form and Application Questionnaire to Immigration Services indicating this intent to use an external attorney. In these situations The University of Iowa Faculty and Staff Immigration Services remain listed as the petitioner of record because Immigration Services has the exclusive authority to submit petitions to the USCIS and/or DOL. Immigration Services will work with the foreign national and his/her attorney to keep all parties informed of the status of the application for the foreign national.

Translation Services

If a required document, such as a diploma or marriage license, is in a language other than English, the individual and/or the employing department must obtain an English translation of that document. Copy the wording below onto the bottom of the English translation of the document. The person translating the form (can be a friend or colleague) should put their name where noted, the type of language and the type of document and then sign and date on the lines below. A copy of the original Document should be included with the translation.


I (Typed name of individual translating), certify that I am fluent in the English and (Language of document)languages, and that the above document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled (Name or type of document).

Signature _______________________________
Typed Name ____________________________
Date ___________________________________
Address _________________________________

Credential Evaluations

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services requires a professional credential evaluation done by a company recognized and accepted by the U.S. Government for those employees when their highest degree, or degree required to perform the job, is from a foreign country.  FSIS requires a credential evaluation for both nonimmigrant and immigrant case filings. It is the foreign national’s responsibility to obtain this evaluation. The following link is to Morningside Evaluations, a company specializing in credential evaluations that the University of Iowa has used for over a decade.