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The UHR Welcome Center is open 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.
University Human Resources (UHR) supports the University of Iowa's Strategic Plan (2022-27) and UHR priorities in talent acquisition, leadership development, employee experience, and agility and innovation. The 2023-2024 operational roadmap outlines major UHR initiatives through June 2024. Plans for specific projects are available upon request.

HR Operational Roadmap

Employee Value Proposition: Develop phased implementation of brand/communication strategy.

  • UHR leads: Keith Becker and Justin Fraase

Strategic communications: Audit and develop a strategic framework, identify metrics, review content on

  • UHR lead: Justin Fraase

Student pathways: Identify up to three P&S job families and develop a pilot employment program focused on Iowa student to Iowa employee.

  • UHR leads: Keith Becker and Sean Hesler

Student employment classification: Map student employees to new categories and develop market compensation structure for student employee based on new job families.

  • UHR lead: Trevor Glanz

Talent acquisition model for staff positions: Implement recommendations identified to improve the recruitment experience for candidates.

  • UHR lead: Keith Becker

Map the employee life cycle: Identify life cycle for P&S employees, launch staff exit interview dashboard, identify high impact practices at pivotal points in life cycle.

  • UHR leads: Rachel Napoli, Jan Waterhouse, Joni Troester, and Mike Kaplan

P3: Improve Merit experience: Enhance onboarding and develop/promote supervisor training.

  • UHR lead: Jan Waterhouse

Working at Iowa and Campus Climate survey: Establish a working group to explore options for a joint survey, evaluate vendors, develop implementation plan for 2024 cycle.

  • Leads: Rachel Napoli and Isandra Martínez-Marrero

Align career pathways framework with training resources: Convene a committee to identify career pathway gaps and opportunities and develop a research-based career development framework that aligns with core values.

  • UHR lead: Rachel Napoli

Define skills and behaviors contributing to leadership excellence: Inventory current leadership development programs utilized across campus; identify gaps.

  • UHR leads: Sean Hesler and Heidi Zahner-Younts

Launch team coaching for leaders and teams: Roll out team coaching services to campus leaders and teams.

  • UHR leads: Blair Wagner and Sean Hesler

Analyze total rewards package for competitiveness: Explore new emerging and voluntary benefits for employee groups; utilize Shared Governance/FRIC Structure to solicit feedback.

  • UHR lead: Rebecca Olson

Dual career P3: Promote expanded use of the P3-funded external job placement services for dual career partners of newly relocated faculty and senior staff.

  • UHR lead: Keith Becker

Increase well-being service accessibility: Increase well-being service accessibility and participant engagement in specific campus populations (i.e. Merit staff, health care).

  • UHR leads: Joni Troester and Erin Litton

Drive staff engagement and retention: Utilize innovative work practices to drive staff engagement and retention.

  • UHR leads: Joni Troester and Diana Kremzar

Measure workplace well-being: In conjunction with vendor, develop and implement validated questions with the Personal Health Assessment (PHA) to measure faculty/staff perceptions of belonging in the workplace.

  • UHR lead: Joni Troester

Evaluate consistent well-being evaluation framework: Establish consistent evaluation across student, staff, and faculty services; pilot standardized questions with Student Wellness, liveWELL, EAP, and Family Services.

  • UHR leads: Joni Troester and Melanie Cuchna

Supervisor trainings around well-being and mental health: Engage supervisors in new trainings around well-being and mental health supports in the workplace.

  • UHR leads: Joni Troester and Bronwyn Threlkeld-Wiegand

KPIs and Dashboards: Review current dashboards for enhanced utilization and specificity; develop new dashboards that align with HR strategy.

  • UHR leads: Joni Troester and Mike Kaplan

Compliance: Investigations training/refresher for campus investigators.

  • UHR lead: Jan Waterhouse

HR Generalist bootcamp: Introduce development program for new/developing HR professionals.

  • UHR lead: Sharon Beck

Immigration Services: Implement unit review recommendations.

  • UHR lead: Jan Waterhouse

Performance review refresh: Review and make recommendations on performance review tool including timing, rating scales, dual report capabilities, etc.

  • UHR leads: Rachel Napoli and Sean Hesler

Pharmacy benefits (PBM RFQ process): Develop RFQ to contract with pharmacy benefit manager (PBM).

  • UHR leads: Joni Troester and Rebecca Olson

Artificial Intelligence (AI) exploration: Explore the impact of AI on HR programs and services.

  • UHR lead: Cheryl Reardon

Board of Regents initiatives: Work with campus stakeholders to explore, review, and implement initiatives.

  • UHR lead: Cheryl Reardon