Employee and Labor Relations

Campus Address
121-20 USB
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121 University Services Building, Suite 20
Iowa City, IA 52242-1911
United States

Employee and Labor Relations is responsible for managing relationships between the university, as the employer, and its employees. Employee Relations' services are intended to provide fair and consistent treatment of all employees resulting in greater employee job commitment, productivity, and engagement with special emphasis on the prevention or resolution of problems arising from work situations.

Employee Relations is charged with 1) promoting, encouraging, and strengthening communication between employee and management at all levels; 2) promoting and safeguarding the proper application of university personnel policies and provisions; 3) establishing and heightening mutual trust and acceptance within the campus community; and 4) the provision of fair, reliable, and effective resolution in a timely manner.

Key Services

  • Employment practices: Provide guidance and consultation on key employment practices to ensure a healthy work environment and reduce the likelihood of grievances or litigation.
  • Conflict resolution: Assist in resolving workplace problems and conflicts before they escalate. Serve as principal advisor for all staff grievance/administrative review procedures and resources.
  • Investigations: Conduct or assist divisions in conducting objective and thorough investigations of employee conduct or employee complaints and grievances.
  • Corrective action administration: Serve as objective consultants to University divisions/organizations regarding assuring due process in determining potential corrective action or discipline.
  • Performance management: Assist managers and human resource professionals in establishing performance expectations, carrying out interventions, and assuring accountability to ensure productive employees and non-arbitrary work environments.
  • Policy interpretation: Provide guidance on and development of university policies, procedures, and practices, related to employment, that comply with local, state, and federal regulations or laws.
  • Labor relations: Administer and provide guidance to the university related to labor union contracts and activities.
  • Grievances/appeals: Serve as objective hearing officer in matters involving employee grievances and represent/assist management or administer the process for appeals before various tribunals (e.g. Arbitration, GRIP)
  • Training and workshops: For example, Effective Workplace Investigations, Managing for Improvement, Performance Management, Supervising at Iowa, Crucial Conversations, Conflict Resolution, Supervisor Procedure for Suspected Employee Impairment.