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Professional and Scientific (P&S) roles at the University of Iowa are assigned classification titles, pay levels, and probation information in our current P&S pay system. This information is organized by pay levels. 

You can find compensation information for Merit employees and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) on their webpages. 

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Click the items below to see Professional and Scientific position descriptions associated with different pay levels. Pay ranges can be found on the current Professional and Scientific pay structure

Professional and Scientific Job Classifications by Pay Level

Level 2

Level 3

P&S Classification Title Job
Pay Level/
Career Status Elig. Probation Period (months)
Academic Advisor PCA1 3A Y 12
Academic or Clinical Program Mgmt & Services Associate PCC1 3A Y 12
Academic/Scientific Writer/Editor PMA1 3A Y 12
Accountant PBF1 3A Y 12
Administrative Services Specialist PAA2 3B Y 12
Admissions & Enrollment Services Counselor/Evaluator PCD1 3A Y 12
Application Analyst PRD1 3A Y 12
Application Programmer/Analyst PIA1 3B Y 12
Assistant Athletic Trainer PSB1 3B Y 12
Assistant Chemist PRG1 3A Y 12
Associate Network Engineer PIN1 3B Y 12
Audio/Video/Electrics Specialist PED2 3A Y 12
Behavioral Health Consultant PJA2 3A Y 12
Business Analysis Coordinator PAB1 3A Y 12
Business Intelligence Analyst PIX1 3B Y 12
Catering, Dining & Event Services Coordinator PYA1 3A Y 12
Chef PYB2 3B Y 12
Clinic Services Specialist PVL2 3A Y 12
Clinical Lab Analyst PHA1 3A Y 12
Clinical Trial & Data Mgmt Research Asst/Data Manager PRV1 3A Y 12
Coding Coordinator PVC4 3B Y 12
Collections/Exhibitions Coordinator PEA2 3A Y 12
Communications Coordinator PMP1 3A Y 12
Communications Infrastructure Engineer PIB2 3B Y 12
Compliance & Education Specialist PRC1 3A Y 12
Compliance Coordinator PNB1 3B Y 12
Constituent Relations Coordinator PMP2 3A Y 12
Core Facility Research Assistant PRW1 3A Y 12
Creative Coordinator PMD2 3B Y 12
Creative Media Specialist PMC2 3A Y 12
Data Analyst PID1 3B Y 12
Database Administrator PID2 3B Y 12
Economic Development Coordinator PRB1 3A Y 12
Educational Support Services Associate PCE1 3A Y 12
Engineer PWC1 3B Y 12
Engineering Associate PWB1 3A Y 12
Environmental Laboratory Analyst PHB1 3A Y 12
Environmental Safety Coordinator PHE1 3A Y 12
Environmental Specialist PHC3 3A Y 12
Fabrication Specialist PEB2 3A Y 12
Facility Coordinator PFB1 3B Y 12
Financial Aid Counselor PCF1 3A Y 12
Financial Analyst PBF2 3B Y 12
Glassblower PRQ1 3B Y 12
Health Records Analyst PRH2 3A Y 12
Human Resource Coordinator PGA2 3B Y 12
Human Resource Specialist PGB1 3A Y 12
Informatics Analyst PVK1 3A Y 12
Instructional Services Coordinator PCH1 3A Y 12
IT Security Analyst PIE1 3B Y 12
IT Support Analyst PIC1 3A Y 12
Law Librarian PLA1 3A Y 12
Librarian PLB1 3A Y 36
Manufacturing Specialist PRF1 3A Y 12
Marketing Coordinator PMM1 3A Y 12
Occupational Safety Specialist PHF2 3B Y 12
Paralegal/Legal Assistant PNC1 3B Y 12
Patient Access Specialist PVL1 3A Y 12
Performance Event Management Specialist PEG2 3A Y 12
Performing Arts Programming Specialist PEF2 3A Y 12
Production Management Specialist PEJ2 3A Y 12
Programming and Outreach Coordinator PEI2 3A Y 12
Project Coordinator PAE1 3B Y 12
Project Specialist PWA2 3B Y 12
Purchasing Agent PBP1 3B Y 12
Quality & Operational Improvement Coordinator PAF1 3A Y 12
Recreation Program Coordinator PQC1 3A Y 12
Registrar Services Specialist PCR1 3A Y 12
Research Assistant PRK1 3A Y 12
Research Support Coordinator PRM1 3A Y 12
Residence Life Coordinator PQA1 3A Y 12
Revenue Cycle Coordinator PVC3 3B Y 12
Safety Coordinator PHD1 3A Y 12
Sponsored Research Coordinator PRN2 3A Y 12
Stage Management Specialist PEC2 3A Y 12
Student Life Program Coordinator PQB1 3A Y 12
Supply Chain Coordinator PBH2 3B Y 12
Support Services Specialist PVD1 3A Y 12
Systems Analyst PIF1 3B Y 12
Ticketing Specialist PEH2 3A Y 12
Writer/Editor PMW2 3A Y 12

Level 4

P&S Classification Title Job
Pay Level/
Career Status Elig. Probation Period (months)
Academic or Clinical Program Mgmt & Services Specialist PCC2 4A Y 12
Academic/Scientific Editorial Manager PMA2 4A Y 12
Administrative Services Manager PAA3 4B Y 12
Admissions & Enrollment Services Specialist/Coordinator PCD2 4A Y 12
Anatomical Donor Program Coordinator/Manager PCO1 4A Y 12
Animal Husbandry Assistant Manager PRS1 4A Y 12
Application Developer PIA2 4B Y 12
Aerospace Engineer PWX1 4B Y 12
Associate Chemist PRG2 4A Y 12
Athletic Trainer PSB2 4B Y 12
Athletics Professional PSA1 4A Y 12
Audio/Video & Electrics Manager PED3 4A Y 12
Auditor PNA1 4A Y 12
Behavioral Health Clinician PJB2 4A Y 12
Business Analyst PAB2 4A Y 12
Catering, Dining & Events Services Manager PYA2 4A Y 12
Clinic Services Coordinator PVL4 4A Y 12
Clinical Coordinator PVG1 4B Y 12
Clinical Lab Technical Specialist PHA2 4A Y 12
Clinical Trial & Data Management Research Associate PRV2 4A Y 12
Clinical/Health Care Research Assistant PRA1 4A Y 12
Clinical/Technical Specialist PVA1 4A Y 12
Collections/Exhibitions Manager PEA3 4A Y 12
Communications Specialist PMP3 4A Y 12
Communications Specialist (BOR) PMQ1 4A Y 12
Constituent Relations Specialist PMP4 4A Y 12
Core Facility Research Professional PRW2 4A Y 12
Creative Media Manager/Producer PMC3 4A Y 12
Design Engineer PWC2 4B Y 12
E&A Project Manager PWA3 4B Y 12
Economic Development Manager PRB2 4A Y 12
Educational Support Services Specialist PCE2 4A Y 12
Engineering Coordinator PWB2 4B Y 12
Environmental Laboratory Specialist PHB2 4A Y 12
Environmental Safety Compliance Specialist PHE3 4A Y 12
Environmental Supervisor PHC4 4A Y 12
Equipment Manager PSD2 4A Y 12
Fabrication Manager PEB3 4A Y 12
Facilities Services Specialist PFA1 4A Y 12
Facility Manager PFB2 4B Y 12
Financial Aid Manager PCF2 4A Y 12
Health Records Specialist PRH3 4A Y 12
Human Resource Generalist PGA3 4A Y 12
Instructional Services Specialist PCH2 4A Y 12
IT Support Consultant PIC2 4A Y 12
Labor Educator PMO1 4B Y 12
Law Librarian Specialist PLA2 4A Y 12
Licensing Coordinator PRE1 4B Y 12
Management Services Supervisor PFC1 4A Y 12
Manufacturing Supervisor PRF2 4A Y 12
Marketing Specialist PMM2 4A Y 12
Network Engineer PIN2 4B Y 12
Occupational Safety Compliance Specialist PHF3 4B Y 12
Patient Access Coordinator PVL3 4A Y 12
Performance Event Management Manager PEG3 4A y 12
Performing Arts Programming Manager PEF3 4A Y 12
Policy & Operations Analyst (BOR) PAP1 4A Y 12
Production Management Manager PEJ3 4A Y 12
Program Coordinator PAD1 4A Y 12
Programming and Outreach Manager PEI3 4A Y 12
Project Manager PAE2 4B Y 12
Quality & Operational Improvement Specialist PAF2 4A Y 12
Recreation Program Assistant Director PQC2 4A Y 12
Registrar Services Coordinator PCR2 4A Y 12
Research Associate PRK2 4A Y 12
Research Support Specialist PRM2 4A Y 12
Residence Life Manager PQA2 4A Y 12
Risk Management Administrator PND2 4A Y 12
Safety Specialist PHD2 4A Y 12
Senior Academic Advisor PCA2 4A Y 12
Senior Accountant PBF3 4A Y 12
Senior Application Analyst PRD2 4A Y 12
Senior Behavioral Health Consultant PJA3 4A Y 12
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst PIX2 4B Y 12
Senior Communications Infrastructure Engineer PIB3 4B Y 12
Senior Compliance & Education Specialist PRC2 4A Y 12
Senior Compliance Coordinator PNB2 4B Y 12
Senior Database Administrator PID3 4B Y 12
Senior Designer/Art Director PMD3 4B Y 12
Senior Financial Analyst PBF4 4B Y 12
Senior Human Resource Specialist PGB2 4A Y 12
Senior IT Security Analyst PIE2 4B Y 12
Senior Purchasing Agent PBP2 4B Y 12
Senior Writer/Editor PMW3 4A Y 12
Specialist Librarian PLB2 4A Y 12
Sponsored Research Specialist PRN3 4A Y 12
Stage Management Manager PEC3 4A Y 12
Supply Chain Specialist PBH3 4B Y 12
Support Services Coordinator PVD2 4A Y 12
Student Life Assistant Director PQB2 4A Y 12
Systems Administrator PIF2 4B Y 12
Technical Specialist (BOR) PIO1 4A Y 12
Ticketing Manager PEH3 4A Y 12
Utilities Supervisor PFD1 4B Y 12

Level 5

P&S Classification Title Job
Pay Level/
Career Status Elig. Probation Period (months)
Academic Advisor Coordinator/Manager PCA3 5A Y 12
Academic or Clinical Program Management & Services Coordinator/Manager PCC3 5A Y 12
Administrator, Human Resource Services PGB3 5A Y 12
Admissions & Enrollment Services Manager PCD3 5A Y 12
Aerospace Design Engineer PWX2 5B Y 12
Application Administrator PRD5 5A Y 12
Assistant Nurse Manager PVM1 5A Y 12
Assistant Research Scientist/Engineer PRJ1 5A Y 12
Assistant/Associate Counsel PNC2 5B N None
Associate Director, Financial Aid PCF3 5A Y 12
Behavioral Health Manager PJA4 5A Y 12
Business Intelligence Architect PIX3 5B Y 12
Catering, Dining and Event Services Assistant Director PYA3 5A Y 12
Clinic Services Manager PVL6 5A Y 12
Clinical Care/Specialized Services Supervisor PVA3 5A Y 12
Clinical Lab Supervisor PHA3 5A Y 12
Clinical Practice Leader PVG2 5B Y 12
Clinical Trial & Data Management Research Manager PRV4 5A Y 12
Clinical Trial & Data Management Research Specialist PRV3 5A Y 12
Clinical/Health Care Research Associate PRA2 5A Y 12
Communications Manager PMP5 5A Y 12
Compliance & Education Manager PRC3 5A Y 12
Compliance Specialist PNB3 5B Y 12
Constituent Relations Specialist PMP6 5A Y 12
Core Facility Research Specialist PRW3 5A Y 12
Director, UICB Paper Facilities PRO1 5A Y 12
Economic Development Assistant Director PRB3 5A Y 12
Educational Support Services Coordinator/Manager PCE3 5A Y 12
Emergency Preparedness & Terrorism Response Coord PHO1 5A Y 12
Engineering Specialist PWB3 5B Y 12
Environmental Laboratory Supervisor PHB3 5A Y 12
Environmental Manager PHC5 5A Y 12
Environmental Safety Specialist PHE2 4A Y 12
Executive Chef PRT3 5B Y 12
Expert Librarian PLB3 5A Y 12
Health Care Services Supervisor/Assistant Manager PVB1 5A Y 12
Health Records Manager PRH4 5A Y 12
Human Resource Manager PGA4 5A Y 12
Informatics Specialist PVK2 5A Y 12
Instructional Services Manager PCH3 5A Y 12
IT Auditor PNE1 5A Y 12
IT Manager PIM1 5B Y 12
IT Security Architect/Manager PIE3 5B Y 12
Lab Manager, Pharmacy Quality Control & Development PRG4 5B Y 12
Lead Database Administrator PID4 5B Y 12
Lead, IT Support Consultant PIC4 5B Y 12
Licensing Associate PRE2 5B Y 12
Management Services Manager PFC2 5A Y 12
Manager, Accounting & Financial Analysis PBF5 5B Y 12
Animal Husbandry Manager PRS2 5A Y 12
Manufacturing Manager PRF3 5B Y 12
Marketing Manager PMM3 5A Y 12
Nursing Practice Leader PVG3 5B Y 12
Occupational Safety Manager PHF4 5B Y 12
Patient Access Manager PVL5 5A Y 12
Performance Event Management Director PEG4 5A Y 12
Performing Arts Programming Director PEF4 5A Y 12
Premium Seating Manager PEK1 5A Y 12
Presidential Public Relations Specialist PMF1 5A Y 12
Presidential Senior Writer/Editor PMG1 5A Y 12
Production Management Director PEJ4 5A Y 12
Program Manager PAD2 5A Y 12
Project Engineer PWC3 5B Y 12
Quality & Operational Improvement Engineer PAF3 5A Y 12
Quality & Operational Improvement Senior Engineer PAF4 5B Y 12
Recreation Program Assistant Director PQC3 5A Y 12
Registrar Services Manager PCR3 5A Y 12
Research Manager PRK4 5A Y 12
Research Specialist PRK3 5A Y 12
Research Support Manager PRM3 5A Y 12
Residence Life Associate Director PQA3 5A Y 12
Revenue Cycle Manager PVC5 5B Y 12
Risk Management Manager PND3 5A Y 12
Safety Compliance Specialist PHD3 5A Y 12
Senior Application Developer PIA3 5B Y 12
Senior Behavioral Health Clinician PJB3 5A Y 12
Senior Business Analyst PAB3 5A Y 12
Senior Chemist PRG3 5A Y 12
Senior Facilities Services Specialist PFA2 5A Y 12
Senior IT Support Consultant PIC3 5A Y 12
Senior Law Librarian PLA3 5A Y 12
Senior Network Engineer PIN3 5B Y 12
Senior Project Manager PAE3 5B Y 12
E&A Senior Project Manager PWA4 5B Y 12
Senior Sponsored Research Specialist PRN4 5A Y 12
Senior Systems Administrator PIF3 5B Y 12
Special Assistant to the VP, Human Resource Services PGO1 5A Y 12
Specialized Care Coordinator PVA2 5A Y 12
Statistician/Biostatistician PRL1 5A Y 12
Strategic Sourcing Manager PBP3 5B Y 12
Student Life Associate Director PQB3 5A Y 12
Supply Chain Manager PBH4 5B Y 12
Support Services Supervisor/Manager PVD3 5A Y 12
Test Development Associate PRX1 5A Y 12
Ticketing Director PEH4 5A Y 12
Utilities Manager PFD2 5B Y 12

Level 6

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Academic or Clinical Program Mgmt & Services Director PCC4 6A N
Administrative Services Administrator PAA4 6A N
Aerospace Project Engineer PWX3 6B N
Assistant Director, Law Librarians PLA4 6A N
Assistant Director, Utilities PFD3 6B N
Associate Budget/Financial Officer PBF6 6A N
Associate Research Scientist/Engineer PRJ2 6A N
Audit Manager PNA2 6A N
Behavioral Health Clinical Manager PJB4 6A N
Behavioral Health Director PJA5 6A N
Clinical Lab Manager PHA5 6A N
Clinical Lab Scientist Specialist PHA4 6A N
Clinical/Health Care Research Manager PRA4 6A N
Clinical/Health Care Research Specialist PRA3 6A N
Compliance Associate Director PNB4 6B N
Core Facility Research Manager/Director PRW4 6A N
Data Scientist PIX4 6B N
Database Architect PID5 6B N
Director, Admissions & Enrollment Services PCD4 6A N
Director, Human Resource Services PGB4 6A N
Director, Facilities Specialty Services PFA3 6A N
Director, Project Management PAE4 6B N
Director, Safety & Security PVF1 6A N
Director, Strategic Sourcing PBP4 6B N
Drug Information Pharmacist PRR1 6A N
Economic Development Associate Director PRB4 6A N
Educational Support Services Director PCE4 6A N
Environmental Laboratory Manager PHB5 6A N
Environmental Laboratory Scientist PHB4 6A N
Environmental Safety Program Manager PHE4 6A N
Health Care Services Manager or Asst Dept Director PVB2 6A N
Instructional Services Director PCH4 6A N
IT Director PIM2 6B N
Laboratory Director, Pharmacy Quality Control & Dev PRG5 6B N
Lead Application Developer PIA4 6B N
Management Services Assistant Director PFC3 6A N
Manager, Business Analysis PAB4 6A N
Manufacturing Director PRF4 6B N
Marketing Director PMM4 6A N
Network Architect PIN4 6B N
Nursing Manager PVM2 6A N
Patient Access Director PVL7 6A N
Performing Arts Programming Senior Director PEF5 6A N
Pharmacist Specialist/Supervisor PVA4 6B N
Pharmacy Specialist PVH1 6B N
Principal Engineer PWC4 6B N
Program Director PAD3 6A N
Quality & Operational Improvement Manager/Director PAF5 6A N
Recreation Program Senior Associate Director PQC4 6A N
Research Compliance Assistant Director PRU1 6A N
Research Support Administrator PRM4 6B N
Residence Life Director PQA4 6A N
Revenue Cycle Associate Director PVC6 6B N
Risk Management Director PND4 6A N
Safety Officer PHD4 6A N
Security Operations Director PIE4 6B N
Senior Associate Director, Academic Advising PCA4 6A N
Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid PCF4 6A N
Senior Associate Director, Registrar Services PCR4 6A N
Senior Engineering Associate PWB4 6B N
Senior Informatics Specialist PVK3 6A N
Senior Librarian PLB4 6A Y
Senior Licensing Associate PRE3 6B N
Senior Test Development Associate PRX2 6A N
Sponsored Research Director PRN5 6A N
Statistician/Biostatistician Manager PRL2 6A N
Student Life Director PQB4 6A N
Supply Chain Director PBH5 6B N
Support Services Director PVD4 6A N
Systems Architect PIF4 6B N
Test Development Manager PRX3 6B N
University Ombudsperson PJO1 6A N

Level 7

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Administrative Services Director PAA5 7A N
Aerospace Principal Engineer PWX4 7B N
Assistant Audit Director PNA3 7A N
Assistant Dean PAH1 7A N
Assistant Director, Pharmaceutical Care PVH3 7B N
Associate Athletics Director PSA2 7B N
Associate Counsel (BOR) PNO1 7A N
Associate Director Animal Resources PRT2 7B N
Associate Director, Licensing, Marketing or IP PRE4 7B N
Associate Director, Law Librarians PLA5 7A N
Associate Director, Nursing Services PVM3 7A N
Associate Director, Project Management PWA6 7A N
Associate Director, University Libraries PLB5 7A N
Behavioral Health Clinical Director PJB5 7A N
Budget/Financial Officer PBF7 7A N
Chief Technology Officer, College of Engineering PWE1 7B N
Chief Risk Officer PND5 7A N
Clinical Lab Director PHA6 7A N
Communication/Constituent Relations Director PMP7 7A N
Compliance Director PNB5 7B N
Deputy Counsel PNC3 7B N
Director, Clinical Informatics PVK4 7A N
Director, Environmental Health & Safety PHD5 7A N
Director, In Vitro Fertilization & Reproductive Testing PVJ1 7B N
Director, Legislative Operations & Transparency Officer, BOR PNF1 7B N
Director, Planning, Design & Construction PWD1 7B N
Director of Startups PRY1 7B N
Director, Test Development PRX4 7B N
Director, Utilities PFD4 7B N
Environmental Laboratory Director PHB6 7A N
Health Care Services Associate Director PVB3 7A N
Human Resource Director PGA5 7A N
Management Services Director PFC4 7A N
Manager/Director, Specialized Center/Facility, Institute PRJ3 7A N
PA/ARNP/NNP Supervisor PVE1 7A N
PA/ARNP Hospitalist PVE2 7A N
Pharmacy Operations Supervisor PVH2 7A N
Policy & Operations Officer (BOR) PAP2 7A N
Presidential Chief of Staff PAO1 7B N
Presidential Fundraiser PME1 7A N
Recreation Program Director PQC5 7A N
Research Compliance Director PRU2 7A N
Research Scientist/Engineer PRJ4 7A N
Revenue Cycle Director PVC7 7B N
Senior Application Architect PIA5 7B N
Senior Associate Director, Human Resources PGP1 7B N
Senior Data Scientist PIX5 7B N
Senior Database Architect PID6 7B N
Senior Director, Human Resources Services PGB5 7A N
Senior Engineer PWC5 7B N
Senior IT Director PIM3 7B N
Senior IT Security Officer PIE5 7B N
Senior Systems Architect PIF5 7B N
State Archaeologist of Iowa PRP1 7A N
Veterinarian PRT1 7A N

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Assistant Coach PSC1 9 N
Assistant Provost PCL1 9 N
Assistant Vice President PAC1 9 N
Athletics Director PSA3 9 N
Chief Health Care Exec, BOR PVN1 9 N
Chief Operating Officer, BOR PAG1 9 N
Head Coach PSC2 9 N
Health Care Svcs Executive PVB5 9 N
President/CEO Alum Association PAQ1 9 N

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Associate Vice President PAC2 10 N

Other Open Range Classifications

P&S Classification TitleJob CodePay Level/StructureCareer Status Elig.
Archaeology TechnicianPZ0598N
Chief of Staff & Vice President for External RelationsFI5998N
Executive Vice President & ProvostFI0298N
Howard Hughes Support StaffPX0398N
Intern (Student or Non-Student)PZ0498N
Junior Staff PsychologistPZ3098N
Pastoral ServicesPX9098N
PREP Post-baccalaureate ScholarPZ4998N
Research InternPZ5098N
Senior ExternsPZ1798N
Senior Vice President & TreasurerFI5498N
Special AssignmentPX0198N
Temporary Employee - Non-UI StudentPZ0798N
Temporary Employee - UI Student (monthly)PZ0298N
Temporary Professional EmployeePZ0198N
Temporary Professional Short Term Monthly EmployeePZ0398N
University LibrarianFI5798N
Vice PresidentFI5198N
Vice President - Human ResourcesFI0598N
Vice President for ResearchFI0398N
Vice President - Statewide Health Service & DeanFI1698N
Vice President for Legal Affairs & General CounselFI5598N