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Professional and Scientific Job Classifications by Pay Level

Level 2

Level 3

P&S Classification Title Job
Pay Level/
Career Status Elig. Probation Period (months)
Academic Advisor PCA1 3A Y 24
Academic or Clinical Program Mgmt & Services Associate PCC1 3A Y 24
Academic/Scientific Writer/Editor PMA1 3A Y 24
Accountant PBF1 3A Y 24
Administrative Services Specialist PAA2 3B Y 24
Admissions & Enrollment Services Counselor/Evaluator PCD1 3A Y 24
Application Analyst PRD1 3A Y 24
Application Programmer/Analyst PIA1 3B Y 24
Assistant Athletic Trainer PSB1 3B Y 24
Assistant Chemist PRG1 3A Y 24
Associate Network Engineer PIN1 3B Y 24
Audio/Video/Electrics Specialist PED2 3A Y 24
Behavioral Health Consultant PJA2 3A Y 24
Business Analysis Coordinator PAB1 3A Y 24
Business Intelligence Analyst PIX1 3B Y 24
Catering, Dining & Event Services Coordinator PYA1 3A Y 24
Chef PYB2 3B Y 24
Clinic Services Specialist PVL2 3A Y 24
Clinical Lab Analyst PHA1 3A Y 24
Clinical Trial & Data Mgmt Research Asst/Data Manager PRV1 3A Y 24
Coding Coordinator PVC4 3B Y 24
Collections/Exhibitions Coordinator PEA2 3A Y 24
Communications Coordinator PMP1 3A Y 24
Communications Infrastructure Engineer PIB2 3B Y 24
Compliance & Education Specialist PRC1 3A Y 24
Compliance Coordinator PNB1 3B Y 24
Constituent Relations Coordinator PMP2 3A Y 24
Core Facility Research Assistant PRW1 3A Y 24
Creative Coordinator PMD2 3B Y 24
Creative Media Specialist PMC2 3A Y 24
Data Analyst PID1 3B Y 24
Database Administrator PID2 3B Y 24
Economic Development Coordinator PRB1 3A Y 24
Educational Support Services Associate PCE1 3A Y 24
Engineer PWC1 3B Y 24
Engineering Associate PWB1 3A Y 24
Environmental Laboratory Analyst PHB1 3A Y 24
Environmental Safety Coordinator PHE1 3A Y 24
Environmental Specialist PHC3 3A Y 24
Fabrication Specialist PEB2 3A Y 24
Facility Coordinator PFB1 3B Y 24
Financial Aid Counselor PCF1 3A Y 24
Financial Analyst PBF2 3B Y 24
Glassblower PRQ1 3B Y 24
Health Records Analyst PRH2 3A Y 24
Human Resource Coordinator PGA2 3B Y 24
Human Resource Specialist PGB1 3A Y 24
Informatics Analyst PVK1 3A Y 24
Instructional Services Coordinator PCH1 3A Y 24
IT Security Analyst PIE1 3B Y 24
IT Support Analyst PIC1 3A Y 24
Law Librarian PLA1 3A Y 24
Librarian PLB1 3A Y 36
Manufacturing Specialist PRF1 3A Y 24
Marketing Coordinator PMM1 3A Y 24
Occupational Safety Specialist PHF2 3B Y 24
Paralegal/Legal Assistant PNC1 3B Y 24
Patient Access Specialist PVL1 3A Y 24
Performance Event Management Specialist PEG2 3A Y 24
Performing Arts Programming Specialist PEF2 3A Y 24
Production Management Specialist PEJ2 3A Y 24
Programming and Outreach Coordinator PEI2 3A Y 24
Project Coordinator PAE1 3B Y 24
Project Specialist PWA2 3B Y 24
Purchasing Agent PBP1 3B Y 24
Quality & Operational Improvement Coordinator PAF1 3A Y 24
Recreation Program Coordinator PQC1 3A Y 24
Registrar Services Specialist PCR1 3A Y 24
Research Assistant PRK1 3A Y 24
Research Support Coordinator PRM1 3A Y 24
Residence Life Coordinator PQA1 3A Y 24
Revenue Cycle Coordinator PVC3 3B Y 24
Safety Coordinator PHD1 3A Y 24
Sponsored Research Coordinator PRN2 3A Y 24
Stage Management Specialist PEC2 3A Y 24
Student Life Program Coordinator PQB1 3A Y 24
Supply Chain Coordinator PBH2 3B Y 24
Support Services Specialist PVD1 3A Y 24
Systems Analyst PIF1 3B Y 24
Ticketing Specialist PEH2 3A Y 24
Writer/Editor PMW2 3A Y 24

Level 4

P&S Classification Title Job
Pay Level/
Career Status Elig. Probation Period (months)
Academic or Clinical Program Mgmt & Services Specialist PCC2 4A Y 24
Academic/Scientific Editorial Manager PMA2 4A Y 24
Administrative Services Manager PAA3 4B Y 24
Admissions & Enrollment Services Specialist/Coordinator PCD2 4A Y 24
Anatomical Donor Program Coordinator/Manager PCO1 4A Y 24
Animal Husbandry Assistant Manager PRS1 4A Y 24
Application Developer PIA2 4B Y 24
Aerospace Engineer PWX1 4B Y 24
Associate Chemist PRG2 4A Y 24
Athletic Trainer PSB2 4B Y 24
Athletics Professional PSA1 4A Y 24
Audio/Video & Electrics Manager PED3 4A Y 24
Auditor PNA1 4A Y 24
Behavioral Health Clinician PJB2 4A Y 24
Business Analyst PAB2 4A Y 24
Catering, Dining & Events Services Manager PYA2 4A Y 24
Clinic Services Coordinator PVL4 4A Y 24
Clinical Coordinator PVG1 4B Y 24
Clinical Lab Technical Specialist PHA2 4A Y 24
Clinical Trial & Data Management Research Associate PRV2 4A Y 24
Clinical/Health Care Research Assistant PRA1 4A Y 24
Clinical/Technical Specialist PVA1 4A Y 24
Collections/Exhibitions Manager PEA3 4A Y 24
Communications Specialist PMP3 4A Y 24
Communications Specialist (BOR) PMQ1 4A Y 24
Constituent Relations Specialist PMP4 4A Y 24
Core Facility Research Professional PRW2 4A Y 24
Creative Media Manager/Producer PMC3 4A Y 24
Design Engineer PWC2 4B Y 24
E&A Project Manager PWA3 4B Y 24
Economic Development Manager PRB2 4A Y 24
Educational Support Services Specialist PCE2 4A Y 24
Engineering Coordinator PWB2 4B Y 24
Environmental Laboratory Specialist PHB2 4A Y 24
Environmental Safety Compliance Specialist PHE3 4A Y 24
Environmental Supervisor PHC4 4A Y 24
Equipment Manager PSD2 4A Y 24
Executive Chef PYB3 4B Y 24
Fabrication Manager PEB3 4A Y 24
Facilities Services Specialist PFA1 4A Y 24
Facility Manager PFB2 4B Y 24
Financial Aid Manager PCF2 4A Y 24
Health Records Specialist PRH3 4A Y 24
Human Resource Generalist PGA3 4A Y 24
Instructional Services Specialist PCH2 4A Y 24
IT Support Consultant PIC2 4A Y 24
Labor Educator PMO1 4B Y 24
Law Librarian Specialist PLA2 4A Y 24
Licensing Coordinator PRE1 4B Y 24
Management Services Supervisor PFC1 4A Y 24
Manufacturing Supervisor PRF2 4A Y 24
Marketing Specialist PMM2 4A Y 24
Network Engineer PIN2 4B Y 24
Occupational Safety Compliance Specialist PHF3 4B Y 24
Patient Access Coordinator PVL3 4A Y 24
Performance Event Management Manager PEG3 4A y 24
Performing Arts Programming Manager PEF3 4A Y 24
Policy & Operations Analyst (BOR) PAP1 4A Y 24
Production Management Manager PEJ3 4A Y 24
Program Coordinator PAD1 4A Y 24
Programming and Outreach Manager PEI3 4A Y 24
Project Manager PAE2 4B Y 24
Quality & Operational Improvement Specialist PAF2 4A Y 24
Recreation Program Assistant Director PQC2 4A Y 24
Registrar Services Coordinator PCR2 4A Y 24
Research Associate PRK2 4A Y 24
Research Support Specialist PRM2 4A Y 24
Residence Life Manager PQA2 4A Y 24
Risk Management Administrator PND2 4A Y 24
Safety Specialist PHD2 4A Y 24
Senior Academic Advisor PCA2 4A Y 24
Senior Accountant PBF3 4A Y 24
Senior Application Analyst PRD2 4A Y 24
Senior Behavioral Health Consultant PJA3 4A Y 24
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst PIX2 4B Y 24
Senior Communications Infrastructure Engineer PIB3 4B Y 24
Senior Compliance & Education Specialist PRC2 4A Y 24
Senior Compliance Coordinator PNB2 4B Y 24
Senior Database Administrator PID3 4B Y 24
Senior Designer/Art Director PMD3 4B Y 24
Senior Financial Analyst PBF4 4B Y 24
Senior Human Resource Specialist PGB2 4A Y 24
Senior IT Security Analyst PIE2 4B Y 24
Senior Purchasing Agent PBP2 4B Y 24
Senior Writer/Editor PMW3 4A Y 24
Specialist Librarian PLB2 4A Y 24
Sponsored Research Specialist PRN3 4A Y 24
Stage Management Manager PEC3 4A Y 24
Supply Chain Specialist PBH3 4B Y 24
Support Services Coordinator PVD2 4A Y 24
Student Life Assistant Director PQB2 4A Y 24
Systems Administrator PIF2 4B Y 24
Technical Specialist (BOR) PIO1 4A Y 24
Utilities Supervisor PFD1 4B Y 24

Level 5

P&S Classification Title Job
Pay Level/
Career Status Elig. Probation Period (months)
Academic Advisor Coordinator/Manager PCA3 5A Y 24
Academic or Clinical Program Management & Services Coordinator/Manager PCC3 5A Y 24
Administrator, Human Resource Services PGB3 5A Y 24
Admissions & Enrollment Services Manager PCD3 5A Y 24
Aerospace Design Engineer PWX2 5B Y 24
Application Administrator PRD5 5A Y 24
Assistant Nurse Manager PVM1 5A Y 24
Assistant Research Scientist/Engineer PRJ1 5A Y 24
Assistant/Associate Counsel PNC2 5B N None
Associate Director, Financial Aid PCF3 5A Y 24
Behavioral Health Manager PJA4 5A Y 24
Business Intelligence Architect PIX3 5B Y 24
Catering, Dining and Event Services Assistant Director PYA3 5A Y 24
Clinic Services Manager PVL6 5A Y 24
Clinical Care/Specialized Services Supervisor PVA3 5A Y 24
Clinical Lab Supervisor PHA3 5A Y 24
Clinical Practice Leader PVG2 5B Y 24
Clinical Trial & Data Management Research Manager PRV4 5A Y 24
Clinical Trial & Data Management Research Specialist PRV3 5A Y 24
Clinical/Health Care Research Associate PRA2 5A Y 24
Communications Manager PMP5 5A Y 24
Compliance & Education Manager PRC3 5A Y 24
Compliance Specialist PNB3 5B Y 24
Constituent Relations Specialist PMP6 5A Y 24
Core Facility Research Specialist PRW3 5A Y 24
Director, UICB Paper Facilities PRO1 5A Y 24
Economic Development Assistant Director PRB3 5A Y 24
Educational Support Services Coordinator/Manager PCE3 5A Y 24
Emergency Preparedness & Terrorism Response Coord PHO1 5A Y 24
Engineering Specialist PWB3 5B Y 24
Environmental Laboratory Supervisor PHB3 5A Y 24
Environmental Manager PHC5 5A Y 24
Environmental Safety Specialist PHE2 4A Y 24
Expert Librarian PLB3 5A Y 24
Health Care Services Supervisor/Assistant Manager PVB1 5A Y 24
Health Records Manager PRH4 5A Y 24
Human Resource Manager PGA4 5A Y 24
Informatics Specialist PVK2 5A Y 24
Instructional Services Manager PCH3 5A Y 24
IT Auditor PNE1 5A Y 24
IT Manager PIM1 5B Y 24
IT Security Architect/Manager PIE3 5B Y 24
Lab Manager, Pharmacy Quality Control & Development PRG4 5B Y 24
Lead Database Administrator PID4 5B Y 24
Lead, IT Support Consultant PIC4 5B Y 24
Licensing Associate PRE2 5B Y 24
Management Services Manager PFC2 5A Y 24
Manager, Accounting & Financial Analysis PBF5 5B Y 24
Animal Husbandry Manager PRS2 5A Y 24
Manufacturing Manager PRF3 5B Y 24
Marketing Manager PMM3 5A Y 24
Nursing Practice Leader PVG3 5B Y 24
Occupational Safety Manager PHF4 5B Y 24
Patient Access Manager PVL5 5A Y 24
Performance Event Management Director PEG4 5A Y 24
Performing Arts Programming Director PEF4 5A Y 24
Premium Seating Manager PEK1 5A Y 24
Presidential Public Relations Specialist PMF1 5A Y 24
Presidential Senior Writer/Editor PMG1 5A Y 24
Production Management Director PEJ4 5A Y 24
Program Manager PAD2 5A Y 24
Project Engineer PWC3 5B Y 24
Quality & Operational Improvement Engineer PAF3 5A Y 24
Quality & Operational Improvement Senior Engineer PAF4 5B Y 24
Recreation Program Assistant Director PQC3 5A Y 24
Registrar Services Manager PCR3 5A Y 24
Research Manager PRK4 5A Y 24
Research Specialist PRK3 5A Y 24
Research Support Manager PRM3 5A Y 24
Residence Life Associate Director PQA3 5A Y 24
Revenue Cycle Manager PVC5 5B Y 24
Risk Management Manager PND3 5A Y 24
Safety Compliance Specialist PHD3 5A Y 24
Senior Application Developer PIA3 5B Y 24
Senior Behavioral Health Clinician PJB3 5A Y 24
Senior Business Analyst PAB3 5A Y 24
Senior Chemist PRG3 5A Y 24
Senior Facilities Services Specialist PFA2 5A Y 24
Senior IT Support Consultant PIC3 5A Y 24
Senior Law Librarian PLA3 5A Y 24
Senior Network Engineer PIN3 5B Y 24
Senior Project Manager PAE3 5B Y 24
E&A Senior Project Manager PWA4 5B Y 24
Senior Sponsored Research Specialist PRN4 5A Y 24
Senior Systems Administrator PIF3 5B Y 24
Special Assistant to the VP, Human Resource Services PGO1 5A Y 24
Specialized Care Coordinator PVA2 5A Y 24
Statistician/Biostatistician PRL1 5A Y 24
Strategic Sourcing Manager PBP3 5B Y 24
Student Life Associate Director PQB3 5A Y 24
Supply Chain Manager PBH4 5B Y 24
Support Services Supervisor/Manager PVD3 5A Y 24
Test Development Associate PRX1 5A Y 24
Ticketing Manager PEH3 5A Y 24
Utilities Manager PFD2 5B Y 24

Level 6

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Academic or Clinical Program Mgmt & Services Director PCC4 6A N
Administrative Services Administrator PAA4 6A N
Aerospace Project Engineer PWX3 6B N
Assistant Director, Law Librarians PLA4 6A N
Assistant Director, Utilities PFD3 6B N
Associate Budget/Financial Officer PBF6 6A N
Associate Research Scientist/Engineer PRJ2 6A N
Audit Manager PNA2 6A N
Behavioral Health Clinical Manager PJB4 6A N
Behavioral Health Director PJA5 6A N
Clinical Lab Manager PHA5 6A N
Clinical Lab Scientist Specialist PHA4 6A N
Clinical/Health Care Research Manager PRA4 6A N
Clinical/Health Care Research Specialist PRA3 6A N
Compliance Associate Director PNB4 6B N
Core Facility Research Manager/Director PRW4 6A N
Data Scientist PIX4 6B N
Database Architect PID5 6B N
Director, Admissions & Enrollment Services PCD4 6A N
Director, Human Resource Services PGB4 6A N
Director, Facilities Specialty Services PFA3 6A N
Director, Project Management PAE4 6B N
Director, Safety & Security PVF1 6A N
Director, Strategic Sourcing PBP4 6B N
Drug Information Pharmacist PRR1 6A N
Economic Development Associate Director PRB4 6A N
Educational Support Services Director PCE4 6A N
Environmental Laboratory Manager PHB5 6A N
Environmental Laboratory Scientist PHB4 6A N
Environmental Safety Program Manager PHE4 6A N
Health Care Services Manager or Asst Dept Director PVB2 6A N
Instructional Services Director PCH4 6A N
IT Director PIM2 6B N
Laboratory Director, Pharmacy Quality Control & Dev PRG5 6B N
Lead Application Developer PIA4 6B N
Management Services Assistant Director PFC3 6A N
Manager, Business Analysis PAB4 6A N
Manufacturing Director PRF4 6B N
Marketing Director PMM4 6A N
Network Architect PIN4 6B N
Nursing Manager PVM2 6A N
Patient Access Director PVL7 6A N
Pharmacist Specialist/Supervisor PVA4 6B N
Pharmacy Specialist PVH1 6B N
Principal Engineer PWC4 6B N
Program Director PAD3 6A N
Quality & Operational Improvement Manager/Director PAF5 6A N
Recreation Program Senior Associate Director PQC4 6A N
Research Compliance Assistant Director PRU1 6A N
Research Support Administrator PRM4 6B N
Residence Life Director PQA4 6A N
Revenue Cycle Associate Director PVC6 6B N
Risk Management Director PND4 6A N
Safety Officer PHD4 6A N
Security Operations Director PIE4 6B N
Senior Associate Director, Academic Advising PCA4 6A N
Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid PCF4 6A N
Senior Associate Director, Registrar Services PCR4 6A N
Senior Engineering Associate PWB4 6B N
Senior Informatics Specialist PVK3 6A N
Senior Librarian PLB4 6A Y
Senior Licensing Associate PRE3 6B N
Senior Test Development Associate PRX2 6A N
Sponsored Research Director PRN5 6A N
Statistician/Biostatistician Manager PRL2 6A N
Student Life Director PQB4 6A N
Supply Chain Director PBH5 6B N
Support Services Director PVD4 6A N
Systems Architect PIF4 6B N
Test Development Manager PRX3 6B N
University Ombudsperson PJO1 6A N

Level 7

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Administrative Services Director PAA5 7A N
Aerospace Principal Engineer PWX4 7B N
Assistant Audit Director PNA3 7A N
Assistant Dean PAH1 7A N
Assistant Director, Pharmaceutical Care PVH3 7B N
Associate Athletics Director PSA2 7B N
Associate Counsel (BOR) PNO1 7A N
Associate Director, Licensing, Marketing or IP PRE4 7B N
Associate Director, Law Librarians PLA5 7A N
Associate Director, Nursing Services PVM3 7A N
Associate Director, Project Management PWA6 7A N
Associate Director, University Libraries PLB5 7A N
Behavioral Health Clinical Director PJB5 7A N
Budget/Financial Officer PBF7 7A N
Chief Technology Officer, College of Engineering PWE1 7B N
Chief Risk Officer PND5 7A N
Clinical Lab Director PHA6 7A N
Communication/Constituent Relations Director PMP7 7A N
Compliance Director PNB5 7B N
Deputy Counsel PNC3 7B N
Director, Clinical Informatics PVK4 7A N
Director, Environmental Health & Safety PHD5 7A N
Director, In Vitro Fertilization & Reproductive Testing PVJ1 7B N
Director, Legislative Operations & Transparency Officer, BOR PNF1 7B N
Director, Planning, Design & Construction PWD1 7B N
Director of Startups PRY1 7B N
Director, Test Development PRX4 7B N
Director, Utilities PFD4 7B N
Environmental Laboratory Director PHB6 7A N
Health Care Services Associate Director PVB3 7A N
Human Resource Director PGA5 7A N
Management Services Director PFC4 7A N
Manager/Director, Specialized Center/Facility, Institute PRJ3 7A N
PA/ARNP/NNP Supervisor PVE1 7A N
PA/ARNP Hospitalist PVE2 7A N
Pharmacy Operations Supervisor PVH2 7A N
Policy & Operations Officer (BOR) PAP2 7A N
Presidential Chief of Staff PAO1 7B N
Presidential Fundraiser PME1 7A N
Recreation Program Director PQC5 7A N
Research Compliance Director PRU2 7A N
Research Scientist/Engineer PRJ4 7A N
Revenue Cycle Director PVC7 7B N
Senior Application Architect PIA5 7B N
Senior Associate Director, Human Resources PGP1 7B N
Senior Data Scientist PIX5 7B N
Senior Database Architect PID6 7B N
Senior Director, Human Resources Services PGB5 7A N
Senior Engineer PWC5 7B N
Senior IT Director PIM3 7B N
Senior IT Security Officer PIE5 7B N
Senior Systems Architect PIF5 7B N
State Archaeologist of Iowa PRP1 7A N
Veterinarian PRT1 7A N

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Assistant Coach PSC1 9 N
Assistant Provost PCL1 9 N
Assistant Vice President PAC1 9 N
Athletics Director PSA3 9 N
Chief Health Care Exec, BOR PVN1 9 N
Chief Operating Officer, BOR PAG1 9 N
Head Coach PSC2 9 N
Health Care Svcs Executive PVB5 9 N
President/CEO Alum Association PAQ1 9 N

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Associate Vice President PAC2 10 N

Other Open Range Classifications

P&S Classification Title Job Code Pay Level/Structure Career Status Elig.
Archaeology Technician PZ05 98 N
ARNP Resident PZ44 98 N
Assistant Dean FM06 98 N
Assistant Provost FM15 98 N
Associate Dean FM05 98 N
Associate Provost FM03 98 N
Associate Vice President FM04 98 N
Athletic Trainer Resident PZ48 98 N
Chief of Staff & Vice President for External Relations FI59 98 N
Clinical Dental House Staff PZ25 98 N
Dean FI04 98 N
Dentistry Fellow Associate FF20 98 N
Dietetic Intern PZ20 98 N
Director FM08 98 N
Director - Obermann Center & Special Asst - Interdisciplinary Programs FM09 98 N
Emeritus PX30 98 N
Executive Director - Iowa City Foreign Relations Council PX02 98 N
Executive Vice President & Provost FI02 98 N
Externs PZ16 98 N
Fellow Associate FF16 98 N
Fellow Associate Physician 1 PZ51 98 N
Fellow Associate Physician 2 PZ52 98 N
Fellow Associate Physician 3 PZ53 98 N
Fellow Associate Physician 4 PZ54 98 N
Fellow Associate Physician 5 PZ55 98 N
Fellow Associate Physician 6 PZ56 98 N
Fellow Associate Physician 7 PZ57 98 N
Fellow Associate Physician 8 PZ58 98 N
Fellow Physician 1 Accredited PZ61 98 N
Fellow Physician 1 Non-accredited PZ71 98 N
Fellow Physician 2 Accredited PZ62 98 N
Fellow Physician 2 Non-accredited PZ72 98 N
Fellow Physician 3 Accredited PZ63 98 N
Fellow Physician 3 Non-accredited PZ73 98 N
Fellow Physician 4 Accredited PZ64 98 N
Fellow Physician 4 Non-accredited PZ74 98 N
Fellow Physician 5 Accredited PZ65 98 N
Fellow Physician 5 Non-accredited PZ75 98 N
Fellow Physician 6 Accredited PZ66 98 N
Fellow Physician 6 Non-accredited PZ76 98 N
Fellow Physician 7 Accredited PZ67 98 N
Fellow Physician 7 Non-accredited PZ77 98 N
Fellow Physician 8 Accredited PZ68 98 N
Fellow Physician 8 Non-accredited PZ78 98 N
Graduate Fellow FF52 98 N
GME Post Doc Clinical Trainee 1 PZ31 98 N
GME Post Doc Clinical Trainee 2 PZ32 98 N
GME Resident 1 PZ81 98 N
GME Resident 2 PZ82 98 N
GME Resident 3 PZ83 98 N
GME Resident 4 PZ84 98 N
GME Resident 5 PZ85 98 N
GME Resident 6 PZ86 98 N
GME Resident 7 PZ87 98 N
GME Resident 8 PZ88 98 N
GME Research Resident Physician 1 PZ91 98 N
GME Research Resident Physician 2 PZ92 98 N
Howard Hughes Support Staff PX03 98 N
Intern (Student or Non-Student) PZ04 98 N
Interns, Residents, Etc. PK99 98 N
Junior Staff Psychologist PZ30 98 N
Librarian Emeritus PX31 98 N
Military Science - Administrative Support PX51 98 N
Ombudsperson FM13 98 N
Pastoral Services PX90 98 N
Pharmacy Fellow Associate PZ35 98 N
Pharmacy Resident PZ42 98 N
Physician Assistant Resident PZ40 98 N
PREP Postbaccalaureate Scholar PZ49 98 N
President FI01 98 N
Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Resident PZ41 98 N
Research Intern PZ50 98 N
Resident PZ10 98 N
Resident Non-Physician PZ29 98 N
Senior Associate to the President FM01 98 N
Senior Associate Vice President for Research FM20 98 N
Senior Dental House Staff PZ26 98 N
Senior Externs PZ17 98 N
Senior Vice President & Treasurer FI54 98 N
Special Assignment PX01 98 N
Special Assistant to the President Emeritus PX32 98 N
Statewide Residents PZ43 98 N
Student Services (Student) PZ06 98 N
Supervising Attorney for Student Legal Services PX05 98 N
Temporary Employee - Non-UI Student PZ07 98 N
Temporary Employee - UI Student (not used for bi-weekly) PZ02 98 N
Temporary Professional Employee PZ01 98 N
Temporary Professional Short Term Monthly Employee PZ03 98 N
University Librarian FI57 98 N
Vice President FI51 98 N
Vice President - Human Resources FI05 98 N
Vice President for Research FI03 98 N
Vice President - Statewide Health Service & Dean FI16 98 N
Vice President for Legal Affairs & General Counsel FI55 98 N
Vice Provost FM02 98 N