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Payroll Services, Compensation and Classification, and Workforce Operations share responsibility for establishing competitive pay scales, managing job classifications and status, and ensuring employees receive timely, accurate compensation. Find pay-related resources:
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Pay Plans

Find Merit staff pay grades and hourly pay ranges, Professional and Scientific pay levels and annual salary ranges, and related resources.

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P&S Compensation

Explore classifications by pay level, benchmark jobs and other criteria for setting pay ranges, and processes for reviewing classifications.

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Merit Compensation

Review information on probation and salaries, criteria for awarding additional pay based on exceptional performance, and other topics for Merit staff.

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Payroll Services

Find tax information, tips on preventing overpayments, criteria distinguishing independent contractors from employees, and more.

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Workforce Operations

Learn about submitting time or leave records—whether you're P&S, Merit, or biweekly staff—and making corrections to submitted time records.

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Compensation and Classification

Find info on creating new positions, making temporary appointments, and other topics for HR professionals.