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Note: Salaried Merit and non-exempt P&S staff time record guidelines can be found here:

Biweekly hourly employees should use the online employee time records (ETRs) to submit their biweekly hours if they have access to do so. Online employee time records can be found in Employee Self Service. After logging in with your Hawk ID and password, select the Time & Pay tile/link then select Employee Time Record.

Hours are recorded on a daily basis for the appropriate pay period, using a monthly calendar view. After selecting Record Time on a given day, a dropdown list showing your job and rate of pay will be displayed. Select the corresponding job for which you need to submit hours. If you are paid on multiple MFKs from the same department please verify that you are entering hours on the correct MFK.

Employees can log on every day to record their hours worked for that day and continue to save the changes. Only at the end of the pay period, when all of the hours have been recorded, does the employee select the Submit Time Records option.

All entries are made in hours or tenths of an hour using the following schedule:

6 minutes = .1
12 minutes = .2
18 minutes = .3
24 minutes = .4
30 minutes = .5
36 minutes = .6
42 minutes = .7
48 minutes = .8
54 minutes = .9

If the time worked is not exactly even in tenths of an hour, "round" to the nearest tenth of an hour.

Once the employee has selected Submit Time Records, the record is routed for approval. It must be routed to the employee’s supervisor or a designated departmental representative who is authorized to approve time record payments. The administrative supervisor is automatically selected to receive time records in workflow. This can be changed using the Change button. If the supervisor name is changed to a different individual for two consecutive pay periods, that individual will become the new default and continue to receive time records.

The supervisor must approve the hours and submit them to University Human Resources for payment. The time record must be submitted to HR by the supervisor no later than 5:00 PM on the Wednesday following the end of the pay period. Students should submit their hours for authorization by their supervisors as soon as the pay period has ended or they have worked their last hours in that pay period. Supervisors have the ability to edit the hours before the time record is submitted to payroll for processing.

Prior ETRs

Time records that have not been submitted by the employee will remain open for four pay periods. After that time, time entry in the online Employee Time Record will no longer be available. If an employee needs to submit hours for a previous pay period that is no longer available for online entry, please contact Workforce Operations for assistance.

Corrected ETRs

When revising ETRs already submitted to or processed by Workforce Operations, go to Time Record Corrections within Employee Self-Service. If you need assistance, contact your supervisor or HR Unit Representative. Fill in all the hours worked as they should have been reported, not just the corrections.

Account and Rate Changes:

All account and rate changes require a Change of Status form to be processed before payroll information will be updated.  

If you have questions regarding this information, please email Workforce Operations.