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Supervisors will assign a performance descriptor to describe each staff member’s overall job performance as part of each annual performance review. The descriptors, as defined on this webpage by the employee’s relative performance, are recorded at the time of the performance evaluation. For Professional & Scientific (P&S) staff, supervisors and organizational leadership can use the descriptors to factor performance into salary decisions.


This rating is typically reserved for an extraordinary year and is seldom earned year after year.

  • Considerably and consistently surpassed performance expectations and goals in all areas;
  • Made a significant contribution to the department's and/or University's success through unique and exceptional accomplishments;
  • Excelled significantly beyond their performance expectations and goals.

Exceeds Expectations

  • Surpassed performance expectations and goals.
  • Demonstrated unique understanding of work well beyond job requirements.

Successfully Meets Expectations

  • Met job performance standards;
  • Was reliable in attaining expected results, and the employee is capable and knowledgeable of their work;
  • Work was completed on schedule with a high-degree of accuracy.

Needs Improvement

  • Has not satisfactorily completed the assigned duties in some areas and needs to demonstrate improvement toward meeting performance standards;
  • Work results were inconsistent


Must show immediate and significant improvement toward satisfactory achievement of performance standards in order to continue University employment.

  • Has not met expected standards or goals set for the position;
  • Does not demonstrate knowledge or ability to perform the majority of assigned duties

No Rating

This is only visible in Merit reviews, and should only be used in special circumstances and with approval from your supervisor and HR Representative.