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"Human Resources provides leadership in shaping a welcoming and respectful workplace environment that drives diversity, excellence, and innovation by supporting talent, engagement, and the employee work experience."     
HR Vision Statement

University Human Resources adopted this vision statement in 2017 and updated it in 2019. Our vision embraces institutional values, underscores departmental priorities, and reflects the multifaceted work of HR professionals across campus.

The HR Strategic Plan provides a strategic and tactical framework for University Human Resources and the HR community campus-wide. It prioritizes talent acquisition, leadership developmentemployee experience, and agility and innovation.

The plan supports university-level goals for student success; faculty teaching, research, and scholarship; engagement; diversity; and collaboration. It recognizes that every institutional goal depends on the university's ability to attract, develop, and retain exceptional people.

HR Strategic Plan

Goal: Maximize efforts to attract the most talented and diverse people to work at the university.

  • Strategy 1: Capitalize on talent acquisition strategies.

Goal: Promote leadership excellence.

  • Strategy 1: Define and promote skills and behaviors that contribute to leadership excellence.
  • Strategy 2: Provide training, tools, and resources to strengthen leadership practices.

Goal: Provide an exceptional employee experience across the lifecycle.

  • Strategy 1: Integrate communication and service delivery from pre-boarding through on-boarding, emphasizing culture, engagement, inclusivity, wellbeing, and value/impact of work.
  • Strategy 2: Understand what the employee wants and needs, and design high-impact services to meet these expectations through a competitive, flexible total rewards package.

Goal: Be agile and innovative in our HR approach, policy, practice, and structure.

  • Strategy 1: Utilize data and analytics fully and consistently for HR strategy and decision-making.
  • Strategy 2: Align structure, process, and culture to enhance effective execution of strategy, service, and continuous improvement.
  • Strategy 3: Apply workforce planning and development practices to maximize resources.