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If you need to correct a previously submitted time record, use the Time Record Corrections tools in Employee Self-Service. If you need assistance, contact your supervisor or HR unit representative. 

When filling out the corrected time record, be sure to include all appropriate usage amounts and codes for the entire month (exempt employees), or for the biweekly pay period (non-exempt P&S and Merit employees). When applicable, include shift differentials, not just the corrections, as this record will override and replace the original record previously submitted. If there is no usage for a given date, leave that date blank.

All entries are made in hours or tenths of an hour using the following schedule:

06 minutes = .1
12 minutes = .2
18 minutes = .3
24 minutes = .4
30 minutes = .5
36 minutes = .6
42 minutes = .7
48 minutes = .8
54 minutes = .9

If the time worked or leave taken doesn't exactly equal a tenth of an hour, round to the nearest tenth.

If you are paid on various master file key (MFK) accounts and originally submitted more than one time record, you will need to submit a separate corrected time record for each original in which you need to make changes. If you need to change only one of your original time records, you only need to submit a corrected version of that particular time record.