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UI Philosophy and Expectations Regarding Staff Attendance and Use of Leave Benefits

The University's goal is to attract and retain a highly productive staff to support our mission of education, research and creative work, outreach, and health care. As one strategy toward this goal, the University strives to provide a safe, supportive and healthy work environment for staff that is both productive and engaging. The University recognizes that its staff members are diverse and have a wide range of personal and family obligations. Some of these circumstances can be complex and at times difficult, potentially impacting the staff member's ability to be present and productive when at work. It is vital that the University and its staff members strive to meet their individual responsibilities regarding attendance and use of leave benefits.

The following represent guiding principles that are expected to create and maintain a balance that supports both individuals and the organization.

  • Honest and open communication
  • Shared responsibility for outcomes
  • Promotion of maximum health, engagement and productivity
  • Excellence in service, teaching and research
  • Stewardship of resources
  • Best practices that promote and support regular attendance and retention

Staff members contribute toward the achievement of the University's goals by being present and attentive to their duties while at work. Employees are expected to:

  • Make reasonable judgments in their efforts to be at work, maintain regular attendance and be engaged while at work.
  • Actively communicate in a timely manner with their supervisors about their attendance and need to request leave.
  • Take reasonable care to maintain their personal health in order to be productive and are encouraged to maintain healthy lifestyle practices and take appropriate preventive health measures.
  • Be responsible in balancing work obligations, impact upon co-workers, customers and clients with personal considerations in scheduling leave, and schedule absences in advance whenever possible.
  • Use leave benefits in the manner for which they are intended: vacation to provide for periods of rest, relaxation, or other personal needs; sick leave, as a reserve to use if unable to work due to a personal health condition; and family caregiving, adoption or bereavement leave if and when these circumstances arise.

Employing units are expected to provide an environment that fosters a healthy and productive workplace, to support the recruitment and retention of staff. Employing units are expected to:

  • Promote the health, engagement and productivity of staff.
  • Recognize the applicable rights and benefits for leave, the occasional need for unscheduled leave due to unanticipated illness or emergency, and the privacy of individuals, when appropriate.
  • Balance operational needs and efficiencies with the interests of staff members in making staffing decisions.
  • Exercise judgment in the management of performance, which may be impacted by attendance.
  • Promote work life balance, be responsive and supportive of staff needs and work to accommodate individual circumstances, whenever reasonable.
  • Be supportive of the interests of co-workers and customers impacted by any staff member's absence, and provide support and assistance whenever possible to minimize disruption due to absence.