Organizational Effectiveness

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  • Discuss the employee’s primary responsibilities; ensure accuracy with current job description.
  • Discuss how those responsibilities relate to overall unit objectives.
  • Discuss or review significant accomplishments from the past year, review previous annual goals.
  • Discuss possible ways to improve individual and unit level performance.
  • Discuss employee’s strengths/areas for growth in general performance related to Universal Competencies: Positive Impact/Achieving Results, Service Excellence/Customer Focus, Welcoming and Respectful Environment. Health Care employee's universal competencies are expressed in WECARE Core Values.
  • Discuss possible barriers to effective work performance and job satisfaction in the past year.
  • Discuss and come to agreement on employee goals for the next review period.
  • Discuss long term career goals and development needs to achieve them.
  • Discuss employee’s feedback/suggestions for supervisor.
  • Discuss any other items that the employee or supervisor would like to address.
  • Complete Performance Review form. (The employee's review status is considered 'compliant' for the designated performance review period when the supervisor finalizes the review and sends it to them for acknowledgement. The review is not complete until the employee signs it. Employees have 60 days after the campus performance review deadline - March 31 - to sign the review. If the review is not signed by the employee at this time, the review form will be uploaded to the employee's ePersonnel file in Self Service without the employee's signature.)