Organizational Effectiveness

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  • Discuss the employee’s primary responsibilities; ensure accuracy with current job description.
  • Discuss how those responsibilities relate to overall unit objectives.
  • Discuss or review significant accomplishments from the past year, review previous annual goals.
  • Discuss possible ways to improve individual and unit level performance.
  • Discuss employee’s strengths/areas for growth in general performance related to Universal Competencies: Positive Impact/Achieving Results, Service Excellence/Customer Focus, Collaboration and Embracing Diversity. Health Care employee's universal competencies are expressed in WECARE Core Values.
  • Discuss possible barriers to effective work performance and job satisfaction in the past year.
  • Discuss and come to agreement on employee goals for the next review period.
  • Discuss long term career goals and development needs to achieve them.
  • Discuss employee’s feedback/suggestions for supervisor.
  • Discuss any other items that the employee or supervisor would like to address.
  • Complete Performance Review form.