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While most University of Iowa jobs require on-campus work, flexible work offers options for specific roles that can be performed effectively from remote locations or on alternative schedules.

The university has supported work arrangement options for more than 25 years. Mission-driven work arrangements can expand services, save space and money, enhance employee well-being, and help the university compete for talent, all while supporting the residential-campus experience students expect.

Establishing Work Arrangements

Colleges and administrative units determine which jobs are eligible for remote/hybrid work, alternative schedules, or other types of flexibility. Staff and faculty in these jobs work with their supervisors to establish and evaluate arrangements.

Establishing a work arrangement typically starts with a verbal conversation between employee and supervisor. Local HR representatives or senior HR leaders and answer questions and advise as needed.

Once there’s initial agreement, the employee completes a Work Arrangement Application to document work locations, schedules, and other details. See step-by-step instructions.

Intermittent Flexibility

While structured work arrangements suit only certain jobs, the university embraces intermittent flexibility that helps all employees meet day to day needs.

Examples of intermittent flexibility include temporary remote work during weather-related closures or a short-term alternative schedule that lets an employee balance work with other responsibilities.

Given their temporary nature, this type of flexibility is established between employee and supervisor and do not require formal documentation.