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Any romantic and/or sexual relationship between an instructor and a student in an instructional context with the student is prohibited at the University of Iowa.

Consensual Relationships Policy (Operations Manual)

Management Plan Process

If an instructor self-discloses a consensual relationship with a student, or a complaint is brought to a recipient* alleging a violation of the policy, the recipient determines if the policy applies. If the policy does apply, then a neutral supervisor** must develop a management plan of the instructional context.

The plan should include the elements listed below:

  • Names and job titles/statuses of the relevant individuals
  • The division or college and the unit or department in which the instructional context occurs
  • A description of the measures established to end the evaluative, supervisory, and/or instructional functions, including names and titles, causing the conflict of interest.

The plan will be reviewed and disseminated as described in the Operations Manual.

*Recipient: A neutral supervisor of the instructor, the DEO/director of the department, the dean/vice president of the college/division in which the instructor is employed, the Office of the Provost, or the Office of Institutional Equity.

** Neutral supervisor: the person immediately superior (usually the departmental executive officer of the academic department that offers the affected instructional activity) to the instructor involved in the consensual relationship who would otherwise have the responsibility to make, or participate actively in the making of, any decisions or recommendations relating to the employment status of the related individual.