Background Checks

Topics Covered here:

I.   Criminal Background Checks for New Hires

II.  Criminal Background Checks for Internal Transfers

III. Criminal Background Checks for Volunteers

IV. Credential Verification

Follow the link for information regarding conducting reference checks.

I. Criminal Background Checks For New Hires

Criminal background checks (CBCs) are obtained for all regular merit, professional and scientific, and faculty positions at the time candidates are selected for hire. Candidates for temporary merit, professional and scientific, fixed-term faculty, and student staff (including graduate teaching and research assistant) positions that have been designated security sensitive by the appropriate dean or vice president also are checked at the time of hire. For more information, please review the Criminal Background Check Policy, Operations Manual (effective 12/1/05).

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II. Criminal Background Checks for Internal Transfers

A criminal background check (CBC) is required on the final candidate for all regular faculty and staff positions.  A CBC is required for temporary and student (including graduate assistant) positions designated as security-sensitive.

The following information states expectations related to conducting a criminal background check when a current UI employee transfers to a different UI position.  In both scenarios, the internal candidate must complete the Criminal Background Notification and Authorization form at this web site, including the conviction disclosures as discussed below.

Situation:  Employee transfers from a position for which a CBC was not conducted at the point of hire to a) any regular position or b) a temporary or student (including graduate assistant) position designated as security-sensitive.

Action:  CBC required.

Situation:  Employee transfers between any position where a CBC was conducted at the point of hire to a) any regular position or b) a temporary or student (including graduate assistant) position designated as security-sensitive.

Action:  A college/division may elect to conduct a CBC or, if a CBC was conducted within the past twelve (12) months, you may choose to review the results of the original CBC to determine nexus of conviction(s) to the new position.

If the employee discloses a conviction(s) between the most recent hire date and the date of transfer, conduct a CBC to verify the conviction.

Colleges/divisions should establish a uniform practice to follow in all similar circumstances and follow it consistently.

When you are uncertain of whether a CBC was previously conducted, contact Keith Becker at or 335-2664.

In addition to a criminal background check it is also recommended that you conduct a reference check to gather additional information.  Information received as part of the reference checking process cannot be used to deny a contract transfer but may assist with onboarding.  Follow the link for more information on the process for checking references on current or former employees.

III. Criminal Background Check for Volunteers

The University of Iowa criminal background check policy does not require checks on volunteers.  However, if you wish to conduct checks on volunteers, the following materials may be helpful to you.

IV. Credential Verification

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