Lactation Room Locations

The University of Iowa Lactation Room Locations are listed alphabetically on this site. Please note the Medela pump requires specific pump parts. To purchase the parts at a reduced rate, contact Family Services or call 319-335-1371.

Each lactation room has a paper schedule in the room for those using the room on a regular basis. If you plan to use a room on a regular basis, please sign up for the time of the day you will need to use the room.

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  • Adler Building
    Room W112
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Counter, Sink, Chair, Medela Symphony Pump, Changing Table


  • Biology Building (East)
    Women's Restroom Basement
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Sink, Chair, Counter
  • Blank Honors Center
    4th Floor, 404A - a room within Women's Restroom
    Pamela Bullers, 319-335-5190
    Counter, Chair, Sink
  • Bowen Science Building
    4th Floor, 4666-A - a room within Women's Restroom
    Karen LeVelle, 319-335-7933
    Medela Symphony Pump, Chair, Sink, Counter
  • Business, John Pappajohn Business
    Room S353
    Contact Sharon Peck for the key to the room, 319-335-2859, C120
    Sink, Counter, Chair, Medela Symphony Pump, Refrigerator, Key Lock


  • Calvin Hall
    Room is on the lower level, separate room within Women's restroom
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Chair, Counter, Sink
  • Carver Hawkeye Arena
    Room is on the 3rd floor, S364 (go into Assistant Coaches Office Suite area)
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Chair, Counter, Sink
  • Center for Disabilities and Development
    Room is located next to Room 150 (Solomon Conference Room) on the south side of the building close to elevator B
    Judy Stephenson, 319-356-1452
    Medela Symphony Pump, Chair, End Table
  • Chemistry Building
    Room W427A
    Brenna Goode, 319-335-1351
    Medela Symphony Pump, Chair, Counter
  • College of Public Health
    Lower Level, Room S042
    Medela Symphony Pump, Counter, Sink, Chair, Table,
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
    E149A 1st floor, Women's Restroom, room is inside the restroom

    Elizabeth Recker (Betsy), 319-335-6218, at Membership Services Desk
    Medela Symphony Pump, Chair, Sink, Counter, Key Lock (visit the Membership Services desk for the key)


  • Dentistry Building
    Off of the Student/Staff Locker Room, lower level
    Dental Human Resources - Contact Michelle or Vicki in N300 DSB for key, 319-335-7156
    Medela Symphony Pump, Chair, Sink, Counter, Key Lock


  • Eckstein Medical Research Building
    21A, lower level of EMRB, must obtain a key from L191 MERF to access room
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Counter, Chair, Medela Symphony Pump, Key Lock
  • Engineering Building (Seamans Center)
    Room 4521
    Contact John Millsap for the key, 3100 SC, 319-335-5773
    Chair, Refrigerator, Sink, Key Lock


  • Hardin Library for Health Sciences
    Room 430 (visit the library information desk for key)
    Sarah Andrews, 319-384-2883
    Wireless Internet, Late Hours Access, Key Lock, Counter Top, Chair, Near to restroom


  • Iowa Memorial Union
    Room within 1st floor of the Iowa House Hotel Lobby Women's Restroom
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Medela Symphony Pump, Table, Chair
  • Iowa River Landing
    For UI Health Care staff use only:  Room 0140B: Lower level within the Staff Breakroom (multiple stations within the room)
    For use by non-UI Health Care staff and the public:  Room 2643 - 2nd floor (multiple stations within the room)
    Sink, Counter, Refrigerator, Chair


  • Lindquist Center (South)
    2nd Floor, Room 227A, separate room within Women's Restroom
    Contact Katie Dasse for a key (229 LC - office right next door to lactation room)
    Bettina Hass, 319-335-6182
    Chair, Counter, Sink, Medela Lactina Select Pump


  • Main Library
    Room 5027, 5th floor within administrative office area
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Reserve time to use this room on Outlook calendar RES-LIB5027
    Counter, Chair, Sink
  • Medical Education and Research Facility
    L198A - separate room within Women's Restroom
    Janette Pettus, 319-335-6887
    Table, Chair, Medela Symphony Pump, near Bathroom
  • Medical Laboratories
    2107 (Separate room in 2nd Floor Women's Restroom)
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Table, Chair, Medela Symphony Pump


  • Nursing Building
    Separate room withing Women's Restroom in the lower level
    Jill Hartz, 319-335-9654
    Medela Symphony Pump, Counter, Chair


  • Oakdale Campus, Multi Tenant Facility
    Room E140
    Sonya Pugh, 319-335-4192
    Table, Chair, Sink


  • Pharmacy Building
    Room 307 - please contact Lois Baker in room 118 for key
    Table, Chair, Medela Symphony Pump, Sink
  • Phillips Hall
    6th floor, Room 610 - separate room within the Women's Restroom
    Table and Chair
  • Pomerantz Center
    Room C232
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Medela Symphony Pump, Sink, Counter, Chair


  • Schaeffer Hall
    2nd floor, separate room within Women's Restroom
    Nicole Studt, 319-335-1371
    Sink, Counter, Chair, Medela Symphony Pump
  • Studio Arts
    Room 1101A, please contact Sheryl Lyle, 319-384-0762,  between 7:30 am - 4:30 pm for key to room
    Medela Symphony Pump, Key Lock
  • Stuit Hall
    3rd floor, room, Room 305
    Becky Huber, 319-335-3541
    Sink, Counter, Chair


  • University Capitol Centre - 1st Floor
    Women's Restroom, Office of International Students & Scholars
    Contact Julie Blair for the key, 319-335-0488, 1111-10 UCC
    Sink/Counter, Chair, Key Lock, Medela Symphony Pump
  • University Capitol Center, Conference Center - 2nd Floor
    Women's Restroom, 2510B
    Contact Peggy Streb, 319-335-5971 or Mary Grabe, 319-335-6311 for the key, 2800 UCC
  • University Services Building
    3rd floor, separate room within Women's Restroom
    Contact Carman Walsh for the key, 319-335-2085, 121 USB
    Medela Symphony Pump, Sink, Counter, Chair, Key Lock
  • UI Health Care- General Hospital
    Room is on 5th floor, C538 in GH, please contact Kate Hilsman (C109-C) for room key. Directions to C538 - Take elevator BW to the fifth floor, turn left. The room will be on the right side of the hall, about 4 doors down.
    Kate Hilsman, Hospital HR, 319-353-7307
    Four Pumping Stations, Medela Symphony Pumps, Sink, Counter, Chair, Key Lock
  • UI Health Care - Pomerantz Family Pavilion
    1500 (Lower Level) Near elevator M
    Karen Souter, 319-384-7990
    Two Pumping Stations, Sink, Phones, Medela Symphony Pumps, Refrigerator


  • Veterans Hospital
    2W115 VA
    Contact Cara Carter for the key
    319-338-0581, Ext. 3591
    Medela Lactina Select Pump, Two Chairs, Sink, Key Lock