Payroll Forms

Absence Report

A request for approval of time away can be prepared using the online absence report available on Employee Self Servicea specified departmental absence report form, or the form found below. Check with your supervisor on the appropriate method.

Biweekly Employee Time Records

These forms should be used to correct previously submitted biweekly hours or to report time that was not submitted online or electronically.

Direct Deposit Form

Set up and maintain your direct deposit information for any bank(s) in the continental United States using Employee Self Service for multiple direct deposit accounts or hard copy paper form for ONLY one direct deposit account.

Election to Transfer Sick Leave to Vacation

This form is for faculty appointed on a fiscal year basis and Professional and Scientific staff members employed in departments who have elected to report sick leave and vacation usage in terms of days.

Independent Contractor

This form will be reviewed by the Payroll Department to determine if the situation describes services by an Independent Contractor, or more closely resembles a request for employee-type services.

Monthly Time Records

These monthly time records are categorized by job classification.

Payroll Information Release Form

Permission to release your payroll information to the individuals or agencies that you approve.

Payroll Voucher

The process for making an independent contractor payment to an individual who is providing a service to the University of Iowa and who is using a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) was converted to an electronic process.

The payroll voucher form should only be used when paying an individual for a service, who does not have or will not provide either a valid SSN or ITIN. It should also be used for making payments of $5,000 or greater to individuals providing a service and receiving payment on a SSN or ITIN, who are not employed by or associated with The University of Iowa, who may be working under a consultant or contractual agreement, or who are independent contractors.

For non U.S. citizens, additional documents may be required to be attached with the payroll voucher:

  • A completed Foreign National Information System (FNIS) form is REQUIRED for ALL foreign visitors to our campus.  The department must provide Payroll with an email address for the foreign visitor prior to his/her arrival.  Payroll will send a questionnaire directly to the visitor to gather immigration information.  Please be aware that failure to supply the recipient’s e-mail address or failure to complete the questionnaire may delay the payment.  Payroll will wait a maximum of two weeks for the questionnaire to be returned via email.  If we do not receive a response, Payroll will withhold taxes at the maximum rates to ensure compliance with state and federal law.
  •  A compliance statement is REQUIRED if foreign visitor is coming in Visa Waiver (vw) or B Visa status.  If submitting an e-Pro Services Voucher, print the completed form and attach the compliance statement electronically.  If submitting a paper payroll voucher, complete and print the Compliance Statement (pdf), attach it to the Payroll Voucher.  
  • The Form W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding (pdf) is REQUIRED for ALL nonresident alien foreign visitors to our campus and/or foreign nationals doing all work outside the U.S.  If submitting an e-Pro Services Voucher, print the completed form and attach the Form W-8BEN electronically.  If submitting a paper Payroll Voucher, complete and print the Form W-8BEN , and attach it to the Payroll Voucher.
  • The Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (pdf) is REQUIRED only for visitors who are lawful permanent residents and resident aliens. If submitting an e-Pro Services Voucher, print the completed form and attach the Form W-9 electronically.  If submitting a paper payroll voucher, complete and print the Form W-9, and attach it to the payroll voucher.

W-4 Withholding Forms

A withholding allowance certificate is required to be completed for the state in which you perform the services for The University of Iowa.