This university-paid benefit provides life insurance coverage for all regular or benefits-eligible faculty and staff members. This coverage is for the employee only.

Participation in the University’s group life insurance program is a condition of employment for regular University faculty and staff members who hold 50 percent time or greater appointments. Coverage is mandatory. A statement of health or physical exam is NOT required for this program.

Group Life Insurance Plan Documents

Plan administrator number 1119933

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Enrollment Options

Regular benefit-eligible employees may enroll in the following options:

  • $50,000 only (receive a $40 shared savings credit)
  • Two times (2x's) your salary (University covers this option)
  • Two and half times (2.5x's) your salary
  • Three times (3x's) your salary

House Staff employees will only receive the two times (2x's) salary option. 

Schedule of Life Insurance

Your annual benefits salary determines the amount of life insurance coverage. If your salary is not an even thousand dollars, it is rounded to the next highest thousand dollars, multiplied by the coverage desired. The maximum amount of available group life insurance is $400,000.

House staff members are automatically covered by group life insurance at two times their annual budgeted benefits salary as a function of their employment.

Life insurance proceeds are divided between primary beneficiaries. Contingent beneficiaries only receive proceeds if there are no living primary beneficiaries.

Taxable Life Insurance

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has determined that if an employer allows employees access to life insurance more than $50,000, the amount above $50,000 has a value to the employee and is taxable.


The cost is $.246 per thousand dollars of coverage per month.

The University contributes to the cost equal to the cost of two times the rounded annual budgeted benefits salary for all benefits-eligible employees.

Staff in the following employment groups who elect additional coverage will pay the difference between their selected coverage and the cost of two times the rounded annual budgeted benefits salary. 

  • Faculty
  • Professional and Scientific staff
  • Merit staff

Staff in the following employment groups whose salary is over $25,000, who elect to receive only $50,000 in life insurance may receive an additional $40 per month in Shared Savings Credits.

  • Faculty
  • Professional and Scientific staff
  • Merit staff

Example of Calculation

(Annual benefit salary, rounded to the next highest thousand) divided by 1000) x (amount elected) x (.246 cost/thousand) = group life premium

  • A regular benefits-eligible employee has an annual benefits salary of $63,456 and can elect any level (50k only, 2, 2.5, or 3) times their pay in group life insurance. Below is an example of how that would look with each option.

Electing $50,000 in Group Life

  • When electing only $50,000 in Group Life, you will receive a shared savings credit of $40 added to your $90 general benefit credit, giving the employee $130 in credits.
  • The employee will see these credits under the earnings section of the paycheck. In addition, the employee may purchase more life insurance with the Supplemental Life plan later in their enrollment. 

Electing Two Times Salary

  • The University covers the total cost of two times the salary of employees. Therefore, the employee will see the total "credit" amount of 2 times their salary added to the $90 general benefit credit in the earnings section of their paycheck. 
  • From our employee example above: ($64,000) / (1,000) x (2.0) x (.246) = $31.48 credit
  • $121.48 ($90 + $31.48) will show in the earnings section of this employee's paycheck. Remember that credits in the earning section help off-set any out-of-pocket pre-tax benefit premiums. 

Electing 2.5 or 3 Times Salary

  • The University still covers up to two times the salary. For this employee example, we identified that cost above as $31.48. The employee will pay the remaining amount after the 2x's salary UI credit.
    • 2.5x's: ($64,000/$1,000) x 2.5 = $160 x .246 = $39.36 total cost for 2.5 times salary.
      • $39.36 - $31.48 (UI credit) = $7.88 is the employee cost. 
    • 3x's: ($64,000/$1000) x 3 = $192 x .246 = $47.23 total cost for 3 times salary.
      • $47.23 - $31.48 (UI credit) = $15.75 is the employee cost.

Please note that these are examples/estimates to show how the UI covers two times the annual salary for the Group Life Insurance plan. 

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