Senior HR Leader Roles and Responsibilities

Functions as a strategic business partner for a college/division leading the human resources (HR) function and may supervise other functions; actively serving as leader, consultant, resource and authority on HR policies, practices, resources and transactions.  Accountable to both the collegiate Dean or Vice President and the Vice President for Human Resources.  Participates in the development of and use of HR strategy at both University and college/division level; communicates and implements University HR practices and goals within the college/division; supports a culture consistent with the University mission and core values.

Responsibilities include:

  • Advise Dean/Vice President/Departmental Leaders on strategic and operational decisions; serve as partner for human resources strategies and functions (e.g. talent, engagement, health and well-being, policy compliance, risk management, etc.), supervise HR Reps;
  • Analyze, interpret, and forecast college/division workforce trends taking into consideration budget parameters and report areas of need and concern (e.g. vacancy rates, turnover rates, aging demographics, etc.), develops strategies to address;
  • Participates as a member of the Senior HR Leadership Council, advises University Human Resources on HR strategy that supports organizational success;
  • Serve as an active communication liaison between University Human Resources and members of the college/division/department(s); is typically the first point of contact (non-transactional or routine issues) for University HR;
  • Provide strategic leadership for HR programs and services, (e.g. Performance Management, Recruitment and Retention, Compensation, Learning and Development, Employee Health, Wellbeing and Safety, Employee and Labor Relations, Leave Management, etc.).
  • Interpret and promote equitable application of human resource policies and procedures for the college/division.  Ensure college/division and department policies, practices and programs meet legal/regulatory standards and are in conformance with University of Iowa policies, leads informal complaint investigations;
  • Provide leadership on issues related to organizational culture and values that attract, retain, and motivate quality people (e.g. diversity, managing change, promoting development, civility, and work life balance);
  • Supervisor and mentor to HR representatives within college/division.  Responsibilities include setting performance goals in collaboration with departmental leaders, decisions regarding salary advancement/promotion, conducting annual performance appraisal, and final hiring, etc.;
  • Responsible for reviewing and approving (or delegating) HR policies, practices, resources and transactions at the college/division level;
  • Provide leadership through participation on various campus councils or committees.

Key Competencies:  HR Expertise, Business Acumen, Critical Evaluation, Influencing, Change Management and Communicating for Effective Relationships

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