The Future of Work@Iowa

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in disruptive change in higher education and for the University of Iowa specifically. This change provides the opportunity to reimagine and re-envision how we work, where we work, how we engage, how we innovate and how we serve.

University Human Resources and the Office of the Provost have formed a campus-wide committee to make recommendations regarding the following questions:  

  • How does the disruptive change of COVID-19 impact The University of Iowa and our strategic path towards being a destination university?
  • How do we reimagine work post COVID-19?
  • How do we re-envision high impact practices to create a highly engaged and inclusive workforce?
  • What does the evolution of HR policies, services and strategies look like?

The committee aims to reimagine the employee experience to align with emerging talent needs and trends, and will be informed by five subcommittees that will examine in greater detail: 

  • Faculty/Instructors
  • Staff
  • Health care
  • Physical space
  • Technology

The pandemic has transformed and will continue to transform our University, but it has also created a huge opportunity to shape our future.