Short-term health and dental insurance are available for University of Iowa students immediately after graduating or leaving the university. Coverage may continue for up to 12 months, starting the first day of the month following the student's last day of classes. 

Program Details

Students have 45 days from the end of the month in which they are last registered for classes to enroll in this program. For example, a student who graduates in May (i.e., last registered for courses in May) has until July 15 to enroll in "departing student" coverage through MyUI. This coverage will take effect retroactively to the first day of the month following the last day of classes (effective June 1, in this example). 

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If you wish to utilize this option, you must complete the enrollment form in MyUI within 45 days of graduation or leaving the university.


How long can a student participate in departing student insurance?

Eligible former students can utilize this coverage for up to 12 months following graduation or leaving the university. A student may only enroll within the departing student program for a maximum of one coverage period. Therefore, it is not possible to enroll in continuation more than once. 


Who is eligible?

  • Undergrad, graduate, health science, and international students who graduate or
  • Students who are leaving the University of Iowa mid-semester may be eligible.

Who is NOT eligible?

  • Employed grad students with an assistantship/fellowship currently enrolled in UI insurance as part of that appointment at their departure do NOT enroll in departing student insurance. Employees currently covered by employment-based insurance must extend insurance through COBRA, like any other former employee. 

Plans Available 

Students may choose from the same health and dental insurance options they had as a current student, UIGRADCare (if they were a Graduate or Health Science student), SHIP, and student dental insurance. The plans provide the same benefits, coverage, and premium costs a currently enrolled student would receive and pay. 


The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is part of Alliance Select PPO. Choosing care with a participating provider will result in lower out-of-pocket costs for you. This plan provides coverage for preventive care, hospitalization, surgery, maternity, well-baby/well-child care, emergency care for accidents or illnesses, prescription drugs, and mental health. 

Find SHIP Plan Details


(Grad or health science students only) A comprehensive health care program that covers hospital, medical, surgical, outpatient, and other health care services such as physical therapy and preventative services such as routine physicals, well-child checkups, and prescription drugs. 

Providers: Must use Student Health and/or UI Health Care only.

Review UIGRADCare Plan details

Student Dental Plan

All students may receive coverage through the Student Dental Plan, a 3-tier Delta Dental of Iowa provider network. Covered services include checkups, teeth cleaning, cavity repair and tooth extractions, endodontic services, periodontal services, and more.

Review Student Dental Plan Details

Monthly Premium Rates

Academic Year 2023-2024

MONTHLY premium rates are effective Jan. 1, 2024 - Aug. 31, 2024

Student Only $273 $463 $25
Student + Spouse $1,080 $858 $47
Student + Child(ren) $839 N/A $67
Family $1,171 $2,042 $80

Academic Year 2023-2024

MONTHLY premium rates are effective Sep. 1, 2023, through Dec. 31, 2023

Student Only $325 $463 $25
Student + Spouse $1,287 $858 $47
Student + Child(ren) $1,174 N/A $67
Family $1,588 $2,042 $80


You will enroll in the plan(s) you wish to continue (within 45 days of your leaving) by completing the standard enrollment form online in MyUI.


The following are the deadlines for receiving your enrollment information to participate.

  • Spring Graduation - July 15
  • Summer Graduation - October 15
  • Winter Graduation - February 15
  • If you leave in the middle of a semester, you will have 45 days from the day you are no longer enrolled at the University of Iowa to complete a departing student insurance enrollment form.
Departing student coverage will begin the first day of the month following your departure from the University.

Enrollment questions

Students should not enroll in "Departing Student" insurance any earlier than one to two months before departure from the University. 

Coverage will begin the first day of the month following your departure from the University of Iowa.

You may enroll by completing the standard student insurance enrollment form online in MyUI

  1. Log in to MyUI.
  2. Under STUDENT INFORMATION, select the "+More" button
  3. Under STUDENT LIFE MANAGEMENT, select "Student Insurance."
  4. Choose the "Enroll in Insurance" button.
  5. The first question asks: "Departing Student: Yes or No?" choose "Yes" in this case, and the form will auto-populate the correct effective date for someone leaving at the end of the semester.
    • If "departing" during a semester, enter a note in the "comments" box explaining that you are withdrawing from all classes at the University of Iowa. 
  6. Continue to fill out the online form and submit it to University Benefits for processing.

If you choose to remain on the same plan you were on before you "departed" from the University, you may continue to use the same Wellmark ID card you received when you first enrolled.  

If you choose to switch plans when enrolling in Departing Student Insurance, you will receive a new Wellmark ID card to the mailing address in MyUI. Please be sure your address is correct before you leave to avoid delays. You will receive your ID cards within 10-21 business days after processing your enrollment. 

All premiums are charged monthly by the UI Billing Office. You will receive a U-Bill from the University of Iowa for your health and dental insurance premium(s).

You may choose to have premiums deducted from a savings or checking account. Please contact the University Billing Office for your next steps. 

The participating student may cancel the Departing Student insurance coverage at any time. To cancel the "departing student" insurance, we must be notified by the student in writing or by submitting a cancelation request through MyUI. Additionally, the student may email our Student Insurance team directly at 

Coverage will terminate on the last day of the month when the request was made. The termination cannot be retroactive. No refund of premiums will be given. 

Departing Student coverage can be canceled for the following reasons:

  • You become ineligible for the continuation coverage under the policy twelve months after leaving the University (i.e., if a student leaves in May 2024 and begins their continuation policy effective June 1, 2024, their departing student insurance coverage will terminate on May 31, 2025, as they have exhausted the continuation benefit of the health insurance plan).
  • The University of Iowa Benefits Office will cancel coverage for non-payment of premiums. Premiums must be paid in full each month to avoid cancellation.

Privacy Notice and Release Form

Federal law requires individuals to sign a release form before any information regarding their health benefit information can be released. No information will be given to a spouse/domestic partner, parent, child, or other representative unless that form is on file in the University of Iowa Benefits Office. If you wish health information released to anyone, please complete the Personal Health Information Release Form in MyUI under "Other Insurance Forms."

The information presented on our website describes only the highlights of the plans and does not constitute official plan documents. Additional terms and conditions may apply. If there are any discrepancies between the information contained herein and the official plan documents, the plan documents will govern. For more detailed information you may contact Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield at toll-free number 800-524-9242 (TTY: 888-781-4262), Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Time). For more efficient service, please have your member ID number handy - it can be found on the front of your card.