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University Benefits is pleased to announce that online will preparation service and identity theft victim resources are available as free benefits under your university life insurance plan offered through the Principal Financial Group.


The document preparation services provided by ARAG Services, LLC, should not be considered a substitute for consultation with an attorney or any other professional advisor. The university does not endorse, warrant, or guarantee the services provided or documents created by ARAG Services, LLC. Nor does it guarantee that any will generated by ARAG Services, LLC will accomplish your intent or be in your or your beneficiaries best interest. The university is not responsible to you, your beneficiaries, or any other person for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage related to any use of the document preparation service.

The purpose of a will is to dispose of your property as you desire, typically in a manner that you conclude is in the best interest of your intended beneficiaries. The purpose of a living will is to set out certain treatment care options should you become terminally ill. The purpose of either a financial or health-care power of attorney is to either name an agent to handle your health affairs if you are no longer able to make a health care decision for yourself or handle your financial affairs. All of these legal documents are best prepared after consultation with, and under the supervision of, an attorney.

These services are offered online through ARAG and allow you to create a will, a living will, and power of attorney documents. The identity theft resources include an identity theft prevention kit and an identity theft victim action kit.

As long as you are covered by the university life insurance plan, you will be able to change the documents with no charge.

See the Will Preparation Services Brochure (pdf) prepared by Principal for additional information.

To go directly to the will preparation services:

  1. Visit the will preparation services web site.
  2. Select the "New Account" link.
  3. Input your information and the UI group policy account number: N957 
  4. Follow the online instructions from there.