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UI retirees are a valuable resource, providing the University with experienced replacements on a short-term temporary basis when needed. The Temporary Retiree Pool provides the opportunity to return to work for the University of Iowa as a non-student temporary worker, generally in a non-exempt appointment status. Temporary needs include part-time, seasonal, and even full-time hours for a limited duration, which supports both the retiree as well as the institution.

Talent Acquisition within University Human Resources maintains the Temporary Retiree Pool. To be added, simply email As departments have temporary needs, they will be given access to view the pool and may call participants for an interview.

Participants will remain “active” in the Temporary Retiree Pool for up to six (6) months. Applicants must reapply after six (6) months if still interested in temporary employment.

Temporary openings may also be posted by departments to Interested applicants are encouraged to regularly review this site and follow the application instructions for any openings of interest.

Considerations for Retirees Entering the Temporary Retiree Pool

Retirement plans:

  • Retirees who continue to work at the University of Iowa or return to work in less than 31 days following retirement will not have access to their mandatory retirement funds.
    • Contributions to TIAA or IPERS will continue with their new appointment, and access to their mandatory retirement funds is not an option while actively contributing.
  • If the retiree returns to work and has had 31 days or more break in service and their new appointment is:
    • less than 6 months: No issue! Retiree will not be required to participate in a mandatory retirement plan
    • 6 months or more: Retiree will be required to participate in a mandatory retirement plan
    • Open-ended (no termination date): Retiree will be required to participate in a mandatory retirement plan
  • If the retiree comes back at 31 days or longer, they need to contact their retirement vendor (TIAA or IPERS) from their previous UI employment first to discuss options they’ll have available to access their retirement funds from their previous UI employment. As stated above, if their temp appointment is 6 months or longer or it is an open-ended appointment, they will be required to participate in a mandatory retirement plan.
    • If retiree previously had IPERS, they will need to check with IPERS on the consequences of contributing to IPERS while trying to collect their pension.
    • If retiree previously had TIAA, they will not be able to access their TIAA retirement funds while contributing to TIAA. Reach out to TIAA to discuss options.

Health and Dental Plans:

  • For retirees hired as temporary employees, they may be notified that they’ve become eligible for Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage. If so, they will receive a letter and enrollment form to sign up for ACA coverage. If they have UI Retiree Medical and/or Dental coverage, they should contact the University Benefits Office to discuss their options before accepting ACA coverage.