Contact University Human Resources

Location and Directions

Find University Human Resources offices in the University Services Building (USB), at 1 West Prentiss Street in Iowa City. Our mailing address is:

University Human Resources
University Services Building
1 West Prentiss Street
Iowa City, IA 52240

On Cambus, take the East Campus Shuttle to stop 1070.

Find metered street parking along Prentiss and Capitol streets adjacent to USB, or use the university's Recreation Center Lot (Lot 11).

Use the public entrance to USB on the building's west side, adjacent to the parking lot.

Units and Staff

University Human Resources includes 10 functional areas managed by Administrative Services:

Unit rosters

Administrative Services

Phone: 319-335-3558
Office: 121-10 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Cheryl Reardon Chief HR Officer and Associate Vice President 319-467-0745
Jan Waterhouse Senior HR Director, HR Policy, Communication, & Compliance 319-335-5767
Karen Shemanski Director, Administrative Services 319-335-5091
Connie Smith Administrative Services Coordinator 319-335-0056
Carrie Boles Leadership Fellow 319-467-0309
Lin Larson Strategic Communications 319-325-1589


University Benefits

Phone:  319-335-2676 | 877-830-4001
Office:  120 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Joni Troester Assistant Vice President, Total Rewards 319-335-2692
Rebecca Olson Director, Benefits 319-384-1408
Dana Stafford Assistant Director, Benefits 319-335-5711
Cheri Smith Secretary IV 319-335-5586
Robin Akers HR Specialist 319-335-5553
Joshua Anderson Manager of Accounting, Benefits 319-335-5522
Emily Bacatan Clerk IV 319-335-2676
Jessica Wade Business Anaylst 319-467-1349
Scott Coons Clerk IV 319-335-2676
Timothy Dowiat Clerk IV 319-335-2676
Amy Edeker Senior HR Specialist, Worker's Compensation 319-353-2375
Sonatina Fernandes Senior Hr Specialist 319-335-2623
Brian Hulke Senior Accountant 319-384-2048
Bethany Kaplan Senior HR Specialist, Workers Compensation 319-335-2679
Julie Kasparek Clerk IV 319-335-2676
Marcus Seaton Program Manager, Worker's Compensation & UI Ergonomics 319-384-0959
Dennis Ungs Clerk III 319-335-2676
Stephanie Von Lienen Clerk IV 319-335-2676
Kara Wright Business Analyst 319-384-3511

Compensation and Classification

Phone:  319-335-5298
Office:  121-11 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Trevor Glanz Director, Compensation/Classification & Data Management 319-335-1848
Consuelo Garcia Senior HR Specialist 319-335-0055
Jiongting Hu Senior Compensation Specialist 319-467-0519
Amanda Johnston Compensation Specialist 319-467-0374

Employee and Labor Relations

Phone:  319-335-3558
Office:  121-20 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Shelley Stickfort Director, University Employee & Labor Relations 319-335-2373
Michelle Kongable Senior Employee & Labor Relations Specialist 319-353-2498
Mike Worthington Administrative Services Coordinator 319-467-0745

Employee Assistance Program

Phone:  319-335-2085
Office:  121-50 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Maggie Moore Director, Employee Assistance Program 319-335-2085
Carman Walsh Secretary III 319-335-2085
Bronwyn Threlkeld-Wiegand Behavioral Health Clinical Specialist 319-335-2085

Faculty and Staff Disability Services

Phone:  319-335-2660
Office:  121-20 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Nathan Stucky Director, UI Faculty & Staff Disability Services 319-335-2663
Damien Blair Clerk IV 319-335-2660
Kate Banta Senior HR Specialist 319-335-1624
Rhea Dreyer HR Specialist 319-384-3217
Adrian Rocha HR Specialist 319-467-0350
Melissa Fiacco HR Specialist 319-467-1139

Faculty and Staff Immigration Services

Phone:  319-467-0498
Office: 121-20 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Randall Ney Director, Faculty & Staff Immigration Services 319-335-2263
Laura Prince Administrator, Faculty & STaff Immigration Services 319-335-5316
Lisa Bartell Administration Services Coordinator 319-467-0498
Lisa Lowenberg Secretary III 319-335-0635
Nina Thompson HR Specialist 319-335-1167

Family Services

Phone:  319-335-3558
Office: 121-50 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Diana Kremzar Manager, UI Family Services 319-467-0193

Information Management

Office:  3rd floor, USB

Name Title Email Phone
Angela Bell Director Information Management/Projects & Services, HR 319-384-2080
Mike Kaplan Director Admin Systems/Information Management/HR 319-335-0166


Phone:  319-353-2973  
Office: E119 CRWC

Name Title Email Phone
Megan Hammes Director, UI Wellness 319-335-5424
Liz Butler-Heffner Secretary II 319-353-2973
Jean O'Donovan Secretary III 319-353-2973
Ilona Lichty Health Coach/Wellness Consultant, UI Wellness 319-467-0192
Erin Litton Health Coach/Wellness Consultant, UI Wellness 319-353-2974

Organizational Effectiveness

Phone:  319-335-3558
Office: 121-50 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Teresa Kulper Director, UI Org Effectiveness/Org Development, HR 319-384-0786
Sean Hesler Director, UI Learning & Development 319-384-0858
Eli Hotchkin Threat Assessment Program Director 319-384-2955
Nikole Mac Director, UI Leadership Development 319-384-0535
Barb Simon Secretary III 319-335-5464
Dorian Walker Clerk IV 319-335-2687
Laura Macrowski Clerk IV 319-335-2901
Bruce Drummond Instructional Services Specialist 319-335-5186
Claudio Hidalgo Language & Culture Specialist 319-335-5582
Candace Peters Organizational Consultant & Leadership Coach 319-335-0505
Carlton Petty Hr Specialist 319-335-0729
Corinne Stanley Language & Culture Facilitator 319-335-5822
Blair Wagner Organizational Change Manager 319-467-0560
Heidi Zahner-Younts Organizational Consultant & Leadership Coach 319-335-2260

Payroll Services

Phone:  319-335-2381
Office:  120 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Terri Hein Director 319-335-2374
Rachel Quinlan Manager, Accounting & Financial Analysis 319-353-2097
De Benoit Clerk IV 319-335-3426
Stacey Halverson Senior Accountant 319-335-2170
June Lester Senior Accountant 319-335-2383
Roxanne Schomers Clerk III 319-335-2803
Marianne Stratton Clerk IV 319-335-2420
Xuefen Zhen International Tax  Specialist 319-353-2460

Talent Acquisition

Phone:  319-335-2656 | 800-272-6400
Office:  102-21 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Keith Becker Director, Talent Acquisition 319-335-2664
Leslie Ungs Clerk IV 319-335-2658
Whitney Bell Senior HR Specialist 319-467-0172
Talinda Pettigrew Senior HR Specialist 319-467-0240
Adam Potter Senior HR Specialist 319-335-2662
Ellie Sharp HR Specialist 319-335-2659

Workforce Operations

Phone:  319-335-2381
Office:  120 USB

Name Title Email Phone
Dan Schropp Director 319-335-2382
Kate Hilsman Senior HR Specialist 319-335-3829
Katie Villhauer Senior HR Specialist 319-335-2380
De Benoit Clerk IV 319-335-3426
Denise Fuller Clerk IV 319-335-2387
Carla Krantz HR Specialist 319-335-5337
Penny Schnedler HR Specialist 319-384-3499
Rus Schomers Clerk IV 319-335-2378