Relocation Assistance for New Faculty and Staff

Department heads (or designees) may authorize payment of reasonable moving and relocation expenses for new faculty and staff members as part of an offer of employment.  Authorization for payment of moving expenses above $3,500 requires approval from the appropriate dean/vice president (or designee). (See also III-9 Hiring and Appointments; BRPM 2.1.4Q.)

Payment may be authorized for full-time faculty and institutional officials, professional and scientific and other full-time employees who are comparable in rank to assistant professor (P&S pay level 5) or above.  Local moves (less than 50 miles) for current employees or employees new to the University are ineligible.

Guidance in regards to other related expenses such as house-hunting trips and personal travel as the result of the move is found in the Travel Manual.

Relocation expenses should be determined with the new faculty or staff member during the hiring process and the amount should be included in the candidate’s offer letter.  Relocation expenses must be paid through the HR Transaction system as special compensation.  Departments may choose a special compensation amount that is equal to the actual expenses or they may offer a lump sum payment for relocation expenses.  If the department wishes to pay for actual expenses, a maximum amount should be defined in the offer letter. 

Moving and relocation expenses are treated as wages and subject to federal and state tax withholding.  It is the discretion of the department if they choose to “gross up” moving and relocation expenses by 30% to account for the resulting payroll taxes. 

The university has an agreement for moving services with The Beltmann Relocation Group:  800-859-4440 or .  The employee will need to identify that they are joining The University of Iowa.   Employees may also select other vendors.  Any moving contract will be between the individual and the moving company.