Explore how you can prepare healthy meals at home with liveWELL's Eat Well cookbook series. While these recipes include specific ingredients and directions, we encourage you to tailor these recipes to your own personal preferences and cultural traditions. The best healthy eating plan is one that you can sustain, enjoy preparing and cooking, and makes you feel well.

Eat Well First Edition

Recipes and Healthy Eating Tips
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Explore cooking and preparing healthy meals at home with liveWELL's first edition of the Eat Well cookbook. The recipes and healthy eating tips were submitted by University of Iowa Master of Clinical Nutrition Students as part of their community project. Click here for recipes that incorporate the colors of the rainbow, easy breakfast ideas, prepare ahead lunches, and quick dinners.

Eat Well Second Edition

Seasonal Recipes
Eat Well Second Edition

The Second Edition of the Eat Well Cookbook highlights warming recipes that feature seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re seeking comfort food for a cozy night in or planning a festive gathering with loved ones, this selection of recipes will help you savor the rich flavors of fall and winter. Click here to explore the full range of recipes that this cookbook has to offer.