Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The Health Care Support Services Building Wellness team is a dedicated group of 18 individuals who come from various departments within the organization, including all of Health Care Information Systems. These members volunteer their time and efforts to plan and organize quarterly Wellness activities for employees in HSSB and HCIS, as well as to provide support for UI liveWELL events. The team meets on a monthly basis for one hour to discuss and plan upcoming initiatives that promote health and well-being among staff members. 

Throughout the year, the Wellness team focuses on different themes for their activities. For example, in February the team emphasized community involvement and successfully raised $235 in cash donations while also collecting over 500 items for The Food Pantry at Iowa. In June the team celebrated Earth Day by incorporating exercise into their activities encouraging employees to stay active and healthy. Additionally, in October the team raised awareness about cancer and wellness, highlighting the importance of health screenings and preventive care. 

In addition to organizing quarterly activities, the Wellness team also encourages team building and camaraderie among employees. During the year, the team facilitated 11 unique Live Healthy Iowa teams, with varying team sizes ranging from two to ten members. These teams engaged in a variety of exercises, from daily walks around the pond at HSSB to individual workouts outside of work hours. By promoting physical activity and community engagement, the Wellness team plays a crucial role in fostering a healthy and supportive work environment for all employees in HSSB and HCIS.