University Human Resources celebrates Student Employee Appreciation Week April 8-12.
Wednesday, April 10, 2024

In University Human Resources, Student Employee Appreciation Week April 8-12 is a time to recognize and celebrate the invaluable contributions of our student employees.

As we celebrate our eight student employees, we will share the experiences of Grace Heiden and Jenny Zhou, who consistently show excellence in their roles with University Human Resources. Learning about the work student employees do helps others gain a deeper understanding of the crucial role they have throughout the university and can help inspire their own career paths.

Throughout Grace's time in UHR, she has consistently provided support to the Administrative Services and Organizational Effectiveness teams with mailings, scheduling, assembling course materials, purchasing resources, and project assistance.

Grace's enthusiasm for her job revolves around the community of people at the university along with the unwavering support she receives daily. She expressed how her position in UHR not only helps with career growth but also personal development.

Grace appreciates that each day presents unique challenges and experiences, which provide her with valuable insights into the different aspects of HR and campuswide operations. Grace's employment in UHR aligns with her goals to attend law school and work as an attorney. Her student employment has provided a great opportunity to network, gain professional office experience, utilize a variety of technology tools, discover the type of job she desires, and the strategies necessary for success.

In Compensation and Classification, student employee Jenny assists with offer letter processes to ensure letters have the correct salary amount, probation period, and starting dates. Her favorite part about her job is working with her encouraging supervisors Trevor Glanz and Jiongting Hu. This positive work environment and her role as a student employee have allowed for hands-on experience and the exploration of her career goals. Jenny has gained valuable insights into the HR field, guiding her career path and helping her secure a full-time job after she graduates.

This week allows us to come together and celebrate the dedication and hard work of all student employees at the university.

Student employees contribute in various ways, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to work environments across campus. As we celebrate student support, we want to invite all departments at the university to celebrate their student employees. Together the university can create opportunities for growth, development, and recognition to ensure student employees feel valued in their roles.