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Many employees at the university have multiple appointments and it is important that each department be aware of these situations.  If the primary appointment of an employee is non-exempt under FLSA, they are eligible for overtime when they work more than 40 hours in a week for the university.  Non-exempt positions include all Merit classifications, selected SEIU classifications, and selected P&S classifications/positions.  In addition, any employee earning a total salary of less than $35,568 ($684/week) is automatically covered under FLSA unless their primary appointment is as faculty, house staff, or if they have a student appointment.   If an employee has multiple appointments totaling a salary of at least $35,568, they are exempt unless their primary appointment is in a classification/position designated as non-exempt.

Temporary Appointments and Non-discretionary Special Compensation

Short term appointments, bi-weekly appointments and non-discretionary special compensation payments all factor into overtime calculations for non-exempt employees.  Departments will need to be aware of who their non-exempt employees are, as well as any exempt employees who have additional appointments that are non-exempt.

Overtime Payments

When a non-exempt employee works over 40 hours in a workweek, the premium payment will be charged to the department where the overtime was worked.  When multiple appointments and/or special compensation hours both cause the hours to be in excess of 40, a blended rate charge will be calculated and charged to each department on a prorated basis.