Merit, Merit-Exempt and Non-Exempt P&S Time Records

General Information

The online time record in Time & Attendance for  Merit, Merit-Exempt and Non-Exempt P&S staff members is used to report  extra hours worked, regular hours not worked, holiday pay, other adjustments to pay as well as excused absences with pay. This information from the time record is used to calculate additions and deductions to your “normal” monthly salary and a running record of sick leave and vacation available to you.  You can access Time & Attendance via Employee Self Service.

Adjustments computed from these forms can include payments for overtime, shift differential, time without pay, etc. These payments will always be one month in arrears. 

A Monthly Time Record for each month of employment can be accessed through Self Service under “Time Reporting” which takes you to Time & Attendance. Monthly Time Records should be submitted to a supervisor for approval by Friday of the first full week of the following month.

If it is necessary to submit a second Monthly Time Record to correct information on the original, please go to Time Record Corrections within Employee Self-Service.  If you need assistance, please contact your supervisor or HR Unit Representative.

Completing the Monthly Leave and Pay Adjustment Record

Every staff member must complete and turn in to the Payroll Department a time record for each month.

No entries are required for regularly scheduled hours worked. Enter only those hours that require an adjustment to “normal” salary and those regularly scheduled hours not worked.

Each entry must be coded with the proper number from the listing of paid leave codes or pay adjustments in order to properly categorize the hours entered.

Those staff members paid from more than one account are to enter vacation and sick leave usage on only one of the Monthly Leave and Pay Adjustment Records completed.  Any pay adjustments or comp time should be tied to the correct account code or Master File Key (MFK).

Merit staff members, who are eligible, will receive overtime compensation for hours in excess of forty in any workweek. The basic workweek is defined as 168 consecutive hours running from the first shift beginning on or after 12:00 a.m. Sunday through the first shift beginning before 12:00 midnight the following Saturday. As overtime is computed on the basis of a workweek, you may wish to complete a work record first and then enter the proper information on the electronic Monthly Time Record in Self Service.

If you have questions as to the proper computation of overtime pay or what is properly classified as an absence without pay, contact your supervisor or HR Unit Rep.

All entries are made in hours or tenths of an hour using the following schedule:

06 minutes = .1
12 minutes = .2
18 minutes = .3
24 minutes = .4
30 minutes = .5
36 minutes = .6
42 minutes = .7
48 minutes = .8
54 minutes = .9

If the time worked is not exactly even in tenths of an hour, "round" to the nearest tenth of an hour.

Provision can be made for the election to have sick leave transferred to vacation when submitting your Monthly Time Record. If the “Every month possible” box is checked, the transfer will be made every month you are eligible until the election is cancelled. Transfers are made by a 3 to 1 hour ratio, i.e., 12 hours sick to 4 hours vacation for fulltime (prorated for less than fulltime).