IOWA Award Winners

The IOWA affords supervisors and co-workers the opportunity to recognize staff for initiative and innovation that have had positive results in their workplace. Nominations are taken twice a year.

A spring reception is held to acknowledge both fall and spring winners and their nominators.

Index of Winners

Spring 2017

Individual | Team

Individual Winners

Ronald Brus

Ronald Brus has been a pneumatic tube technician in the Engineering Services Department for the University of Hospital and Clinics since 1992. Ron has become the main contact for project managers, vendors and clinical users as he has established himself as our ‘guardian of the tube system galaxy’. Presently the tube system has become a critical vehicle in the delivery of pathology samples, medications, supplies and other items directly involved in patient care. The pneumatic tube system is approximately 8 miles of tube installed throughout the main UIHC campus and Iowa River landing. Ron’s recent accomplishment involved leading the addition of approximately 1 mile of tube system connecting John Pappajohn Pavilion with the new Stead Family Children Hospital (SFCH). It was during the opening of the new hospital that Ron identified a significant delay in the tube travel times. Specifically, what normally would take less than 5 minutes for a carrier to travel from the main campus pathology labs to the new SFCH was taking over 25 minutes. This was due to a significant number of tubes being diverted to a main transfer station serving the SFCH. Ron quickly identified that a laboratory sending all of their empty carriers to this main transfer unit and quickly made adjustments in the software and diverted the traffic to a smaller main transfer unit. This diversion had not been done before. Nominated by: Robert Miller

Team Winners

The College of Education Social Committee Team

The College of Education Social Committee is being recognized with an IOWA for its work in creating a more welcoming work place environment for faculty and staff by creating opportunities for building positive relationships. This dedicated group of caring volunteers meets regularly to plan and host events presented over the course of the year. Research shows that positive coworker relationships can create a sense of loyalty, camaraderie, and support. These positive relationships can have the effect of increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. The Social Committee members consistently strive to enhance the climate of the College of Education. Nominated by: Christine Annicella

Team Members: Brian Campbell, Stacy Ervin, Patricia Martin, Andy Goodell, Kevin Ryberg, and Chris Werner

Camp Registration Team

For decades, the UI School of Music in the Division of Performing Arts has hosted a summer statewide camp for middle and high school students. The camp was successful in the past, but enrollments were down due in part to outdated and cumbersome paper registration and payment processes. This manual system was also difficult to manage administratively and required a lot of duplication of data entry to create reports and manage the camp. The very same antiquated registration and payment system existed in the Division’s Youth Ballet and School of Dance. Because it was larger in scope and a year round system, the Youth Ballet was the project the team decided to tackle first beginning in 2015. Working with director Kathryn Smith, Rebekah Ahrens and Lisa Krause created a registration and payment process that has increased registration rates and that has been well received by parents registering their children for the program. Using what they learned from the Youth Ballet project, Lisa and Rebekah teamed up with Kathy Ford to create a new online low-cost, highly secure, flexible, cloud-based registration and payment system for music camps. Working together over several months with CLAS, IT, DPA, and School of Music leadership, the team created forms and processes that will be used as the University-wide model for camp registration in the future. This team solved a local problem, but also reached out to involve the Office of General Counsel, the Youth Programs Policy Coordinator, and Risk Management to ensure that they were creating a global registration and compliance solutions for all youth programs at the University. The innovations this team created have increased participation in our programs, saved staff time, and will give better support to faculty, students, and outside users. Thank you all for your creativity, collaboration, and sustained excellent work. Nominated by: Kayt Conrad

Team Members: Lisa Krause, Kathy Ford, Rebekah Ahrens, and Kathryn Smith

Work/Life Website Planning and Design Team

The UI Work/Life Website Planning and Development team, a collaborative effort between the Office of the Provost, University HR, and ITS, developed two major new resources to assist the campus in recruiting and retaining high quality, diverse faculty and staff.

The UI Work/Life Resources website, launched in February 2017, provides an easy-to-access portal to assist job candidates and existing employees find campus and community resources. The website was designed to recognize the important relationship between productive careers and quality personal lives and offers a variety of resources. Additionally, each section includes a “best of” statement to highlight the numerous awards the local region has received in each of the categories.

A one-page Build a Career | Build a Life (pdf) recruitment flyer was developed to promote and brand the website. The flyer promotes both the Work/Life Resource website and the newly developed Central Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC), which supports dual-career couples in finding employment. Departments and colleges are encouraged to provide the flyer to respective candidates. The flyer is also included in workshops on unconscious bias in the search process and featured in the Faculty Search Committee Practices to Advance Equity search manual. The Build a Career | Build a Life flyer is available on the WorkLife Resources website, the Office of the Provost Faculty Recruitment website, and will soon be available on a University HR recruitment website.

Team Members: Adam Potter, Angelique Johnson, Dawn Hanna, Diana Kremzar, Diane Finnerty, Hannah Walsh, Keith Becker, and Richard Porter

Fall 2016

Team Winners

MicroGuide Team

This award is for the development and implementation of MicroGuide, an electronic resource that allows healthcare providers at UIHC to access data and guidelines for a variety of infectious disease issues. The original target was to provide an electronic version of the medical center antibiogram, a summary of how responsive microorganisms causing infection are to various antibiotics. Previously, antibiogram data was compiled annually and distributed in paper copies. The collaboration was a joint effort between Pathology, Pharmacy, and Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases. The two main coordinators of the project (Bradley Ford and Brian Hoff) recognized that an innovative, electronic solution would be a vast improvement over the previous paper system in providing antibiogram data. A secondary goal has been met that the MicroGuide product has been useful in a number of related applications. One of the strengths of this project is the ability to adapt and expand content over time, and the MicroGuide team has expanded to include the Iowa City VA and others who develop and standardize content. The Infection Prevention section in Microguide is relatively new but is expected to be widely used over time. In addition, the ability to track hits of the various Microguide modules shows which modules are popular and which may be in need of revision or better advertising. The MicroGuide framework is being used to develop other guides for Pharmacy, and a parallel anticoagulation guide piloted by team member Diana Karkow has been published in the same MicroGuide app. Nominated by: Matthew Krasowski

Team Members: Erika Ernest, Dan Livorsi, Brett Heintz, Dr. Bradely Ford, Brian Hoff, Dilek Ince, Diana Karkow, Wanita Howard, and Michael Brownlee

Spring 2016

Team Winners

HCIS and SHW Tuberculosis (TB) Team

The HCIS and SHW Tuberculosis (TB) Team revamped their past system of assisting international students going through TB treatment process by creating data collection flow sheets for all processes of TB screening and treatment. This allowed access during screening for nurses, eliminated transposing error in the data transition from paper to electronic form, and decreased time and effort used by both health and wellness staff and students. The new take on an old system will continue to be productive around campus as it is spreads to other wellness areas. Nominated by Teresa A. Lane

Team Members: James (Todd) Patterson, Nate Schultz, Venkata Pydipalli, Dr. Marina Usacheva

UIHC Cancer Center/Pathology

In hopes of having patient records, pathology slides and radiology films available at the first visit, for an improved patient experience, the team found a way to eliminate the arduous process of order entry for outside pathology slides. The process previously required a Registered Nurse to receive slides by mail, send the slides to the clinic, enter the order to have slides read, print and send requisition and slides back to the pathology department via runner. Once the team proposed the pathology clerk enter the order instead, there were visible changes in efficiency for both nursing and pathology departments. The system has spread to other subspecialty clinics and is continuing to influence change. Nominated by Lynette Kenne

Team Members: Jane Utech, Paula Maddy, Geralyn Quinn, Ben Tvedte, Lynette Kenne, Cheryl Lown, Deb Jacobsmeier, Kent Becker, Patricia Kirby, Robert Robinson, Pam Bowman, Cindy Dawsom, Erik Edens

Fall 2015

 Individual | Team

Individual Winners (alphabetical order)

Michael Alberhasky

Michael developed a custom password reset tool that sent a reset code to individual cell phones, following pre-screen questions, and phone number verification. The new system has significantly reduced password related calls to ITS and has allowed for more focus on priority assistance needs. Nominated by Tracy Scott.

Mr. Hao Geng [Honorable Mention]

Assisted the College of Dentistry by making a system, accessible through online student portals, which back fills class lists for first through fourth year students, notating GPA and class rankings. The system has eliminated the tedious and difficult work once required and has reduced productivity gaps in the dentistry administrative offices. Nominated by Lori Kayser.

Team Winners

CLAS Drupal Digital Signage Team

The team designed an original, new interface and system for digital signage across campus, with added innovation that allowed for more efficient installation. This innovation has significantly reduced ITS related costs and has attracted the attention of universities across the nation. Nominated by Mark Fullencamp.

Team Members: Mark Fullencamp, Ben Speare, Mark Bennett, Isaac Podolefsky, Robert Irwin, Kelvin Lehrman, Brandon Neil, Cale Bierman, Jessica Richardson, Andrew Jenkins, Al Raymond, Lance Bolton, Romy Bolton

UI Hospitals and Clinics Patient Belongings Committee

The Patient Belongings Committee established a number of strategic plans to decrease the amount of lost patient belongings and to return those that were found. The system used a tracking software to find the belongings, maximized visibility for lost and found location and marketing methods to inform the public of the changes. This initiative having been a cross-departmental collaboration, has not only improved workplace synergy but has also provided greater customer experiences. Nominated by Barbara Barrows.

Team Members: Sheila Ouverson, Donald Jaggers, Douglas Vance, Barbara Barrows, Lena Peterson, Patricia Zander-Hubing, Tera Kringle, Allison Heady, Wendy Lock, Kathryn Bainbridge, Mindy Bowen, Rebecca Cetta, Donna Dolezal, Joelle Jensen, Mitra Layeghi, Grace Matthews, Abigail Lewis, Meggan Musselman, Mike Ogoli, Kendra O’neal, Jessica Raun, Debie Routh, Teresa Franklin, Anita Cavanaugh, Jordan Burger, Courtney Gent, Jeff Vande Berg, Sheri Austin, Robin Hennes, Katherine Schneider, Monica Smith