IOWA Award Winners

The IOWA affords supervisors and co-workers the opportunity to recognize staff for initiative and innovation that have had positive results in their workplace. Nominations are taken twice a year.

A spring reception is held to acknowledge both fall and spring winners and their nominators.

Index of Winners

Spring 2016

Team Winners

HCIS and SHW Tuberculosis (TB) Team

The HCIS and SHW Tuberculosis (TB) Team revamped their past system of assisting international students going through TB treatment process by creating data collection flow sheets for all processes of TB screening and treatment. This allowed access during screening for nurses, eliminated transposing error in the data transition from paper to electronic form, and decreased time and effort used by both health and wellness staff and students. The new take on an old system will continue to be productive around campus as it is spreads to other wellness areas. Nominated by Teresa A. Lane

James (Todd) Patterson, Nate Schultz, Venkata Pydipalli, Dr. Marina Usacheva

UIHC Cancer Center/Pathology

In hopes of having patient records, pathology slides and radiology films available at the first visit, for an improved patient experience, the team found a way to eliminate the arduous process of order entry for outside pathology slides. The process previously required a Registered Nurse to receive slides by mail, send the slides to the clinic, enter the order to have slides read, print and send requisition and slides back to the pathology department via runner. Once the team proposed the pathology clerk enter the order instead, there were visible changes in efficiency for both nursing and pathology departments. The system has spread to other subspecialty clinics and is continuing to influence change. Nominated by Lynette Kenne

Jane Utech, Paula Maddy, Geralyn Quinn, Ben Tvedte, Lynette Kenne, Cheryl Lown, Deb Jacobsmeier, Kent Becker, Patricia Kirby, Robert Robinson, Pam Bowman, Cindy Dawsom, Erik Edens

Fall 2015

 Individual | Team

Individual Winners (alphabetical order)

Michael Alberhasky

Michael developed a custom password reset tool that sent a reset code to individual cell phones, following pre-screen questions, and phone number verification. The new system has significantly reduced password related calls to ITS and has allowed for more focus on priority assistance needs. Nominated by Tracy Scott.

Mr. Hao Geng [Honorable Mention]

Assisted the College of Dentistry by making a system, accessible through online student portals, which back fills class lists for first through fourth year students, notating GPA and class rankings. The system has eliminated the tedious and difficult work once required and has reduced productivity gaps in the dentistry administrative offices. Nominated by Lori Kayser.

Team Winners

CLAS Drupal Digital Signage Team

The team designed an original, new interface and system for digital signage across campus, with added innovation that allowed for more efficient installation. This innovation has significantly reduced ITS related costs and has attracted the attention of universities across the nation. Nominated by Mark Fullencamp.

Mark Fullencamp, Ben Speare, Mark Bennett, Isaac Podolefsky, Robert Irwin, Kelvin Lehrman, Brandon Neil, Cale Bierman, Jessica Richardson, Andrew Jenkins, Al Raymond, Lance Bolton, Romy Bolton

UI Hospitals and Clinics Patient Belongings Committee

The Patient Belongings Committee established a number of strategic plans to decrease the amount of lost patient belongings and to return those that were found. The system used a tracking software to find the belongings, maximized visibility for lost and found location and marketing methods to inform the public of the changes. This initiative having been a cross-departmental collaboration, has not only improved workplace synergy but has also provided greater customer experiences. Nominated by Barbara Barrows.

Sheila Ouverson, Donald Jaggers, Douglas Vance, Barbara Barrows, Lena Peterson, Patricia Zander-Hubing, Tera Kringle, Allison Heady, Wendy Lock, Kathryn Bainbridge, Mindy Bowen, Rebecca Cetta, Donna Dolezal, Joelle Jensen, Mitra Layeghi, Grace Matthews, Abigail Lewis, Meggan Musselman, Mike Ogoli, Kendra O’neal, Jessica Raun, Debie Routh, Teresa Franklin, Anita Cavanaugh, Jordan Burger, Courtney Gent, Jeff Vande Berg, Sheri Austin, Robin Hennes, Katherine Schneider, Monica Smith

Fall 2014 Awardees

Team Winners

Belin-Blank Center Assessment & Counseling Clinic Team

Team approach to planning and implementing services available to K -12 gifted students, their families, and their educators (on-line intake form). Nominated by Laurie Croft.

Dr. Alissa Doobay, Emily Ladendorf, Jan Warren, Nancy Whetstine

CVICU Planning Committee

Coordinate and streamline care delivery for the cardiac patient; collaboration between surgical and medical teams. Nominated by Toni Mueller.

Lindsay Miller, Kara Barquist, Tacia Edeker, Molly Ballou, Annie Banes, Dave Spicknall, Mandy Peterson, Jen Brown, Randy Fry, Dr. Kim Staffey, Dr. Jonathan Simmons, Lu Wilford, Kelly Stevenson, Heidi Burak, Kenneth Rempher, Tom Gerot, Michele Wagner, Joe Greiner, Karen Stenger

Transitional Care Program Team

Restructure and develop care transition model. Nominated by Linda Abbott.

Cynthia Doyle, Kimberly Dukes, Amy Hershberger, Elaine Himadi, Kevin Glenn, Lisa Maske, Jolyn Morgan, Jeanette Muller, Diane Reist, Cassey Shindelar, Carolyn Turvey

Spring 2014 Awardees

 Individual | Team

Individual Winners (alphabetical order)

Pam Dorale, CT Radiology

The Radiology department has been searching since 2007 for ways to recycle glass contrast bottles. When asked to take on the project of improving recycling within the Radiology department, Pam organized, planned, and followed up on the recycling process. She strategically placed large recycle containers along hallways, encouraged staff to recycle through e-mails, flyers, and individual contact, and contacted Iowa City Carton Recycling Center and the contrast provider to ensure the contrast bottles were recyclable. Additionally, because the hospital could not support glass recycling, Pam connected with the Iowa City Recycling Center to confirm they could accommodate additional glass products. The measurable result of Pam’s recycling project is less garbage going to the landfill and less cost to the hospital for waste disposal. Additionally, all staff have become accustomed to the process of recycling, and with a group effort of all people inside and outside of the hospital, the process will continue. Nominated by Trish Zander-Hubing

Team Winners

Automated Data Retrieval Team for Quarterly Skin Surveys

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Department of Nursing has participated in quarterly Pressure Ulcer Prevention Surveys since 1999. The survey process required multiple points of data to be hand collected for each patient and additional data to be collected for those patients with pressure ulcers. In addition, it required the team to review and validate data forms submitted by hand which took six or more hours for each nurse participating in the survey. The Automated Data Retrieval Team identified multiple inefficiencies, collected data to support change, and implemented the current procedure which has reduced the process time to three hours. The new process has provided consistent cost savings of $11,923.20 annually. Nominated by Martha Blondin.

Anne Smith, Pat Pezzella, Laura Phearman, Grace Rempel, Gloria Dorr, Nursing
Debra Picone, CQSPI
Vern Dengler, Healthcare Information Systems


In calendar year 2012, the UI Hospitals and Clinics Food and Nutrition Services Department was serving approximately 10,000 meals per day. The volume of food waste was 12% and small amounts of food were donated. In addition, Styrofoam food/beverage containers were used throughout UI Hospitals and Clinics. A team composed of UI members and the community established four initiatives to promote sustainability: Waste Avoidance, Food Waste Reduction, Food Donations, and Composting of Organic Materials.

The results of these initiatives from the Calendar Year 2012 to Calendar Year 2013 are:

  • a reduction in food wasted from 12% to 7%,
  • number of servings wasted reduced by 40%,
  • the dollar value of wasted food reduced by 24%,
  • an increase in food donations from 647 pounds to 2,342 pounds,
  • food waste not able to be donated is now pulped/water pressed along with 100% disposables and transported to the Iowa City Landfill composting facilities, and
  • 77 tons of food wastes were recycled to compost, compared with none the previous year.

Current food waste will continue to be diverted from the landfill as either donations or compost, and this initiative supports the UI’s 2020 Vision of 60% waste diversion. Nominated by Joan Dolezal.

Jean Dolezal, Laurie Kroymann, Doug Robertson, Akwasi Boateng, Levi DeVries, Beth Fielder, UI Hospitals and Clinics Food and Nutrition
Jennifer Thompson, UI Hospitals and Clinics Hospital Administration
Marty Shafer, UI Hospitals and Clinics Environmental Services
Liz Christiansen, George McCrory, UI Office of Sustainability
Don Guckert, Eric Holthaus, Dave Jackson, UI Facilities Management
Sherri Dusenbery, John E. Watkins, UI Purchasing
Bob Andrik, Table to Table, Iowa City
Jennifer Jordan, Iowa City Landfill, Iowa City

UI Step

The successful one-credit hour academic course, UI STEP (Student to Employed Professional) was an idea that grew from the need for student employees to develop a professional mind-set and an understanding of the soft/transferable skills learned on the job. The course is now offered through the University College and Career Center and includes an orientation for student employees which is offered in both general sessions and departmental-specific sessions. Meetings provide students with peer-to-peer support for professional development on the job, mentors for younger students, and opportunities for students to practice networking skills and learn from speakers on topics for professional growth. Due to the demonstrated success of the program, funding has been approved on a recurring basis, allowing UI STEP to further improve the positive impact on students, supervisors, departments, and the University of Iowa in general. Nominated by Cindy Seyfer.

Josh Frahm, UI STEP
Cindy Seyfer, Diane Schlick, UI Student Employment