IOWA Award Winners

The IOWA affords supervisors and co-workers the opportunity to recognize staff for initiative and innovation that have had positive results in their workplace. Nominations are taken twice a year.

A spring reception is held to acknowledge both fall and spring winners and their nominators.

Index of Winners

Spring 2018

Individual  | Team

Individual Winners

Bret Feddern, Senior Application Developer, Liberal Arts & Sciences Administration

Nominated by:  Mark Blumberg

Jay Paulsen, Lead Application Developer, ITS Admin Information Systems

Nominated by:  Amanda Jensen and Isaac Podolefsky

Team Winners

Staff Appreciation Meal Committee

Nominated by:  Katie Schaier

Team Members: Doug Robertson, Elizabeth Fielder, Levi Devries, Peter Forkenbrock, Katie Schaier

The Short Coat Podcast Team

Nominated by:  Annette Griffin

Team Members: Dave Etler, Pat Brau, Brady Campbell, Claire Castaneda,Melissa Chan, Lauren Coffey, Gabriel Conley, Tucker Dangremond, Levi Endelman, Marisa Evers, Rob Humble, Erik Kneller, Teneme Konne, Jason Lewis, Irisa Mahaparn, Kaci McCleary, Kylie Miller, Irene Morcuende, Mark Moubarek, Tony Rosenberg, Eric Schnieders, Issac Schwantes, Joyce Wahba, Mackenzie Walhof, Sanjeeva Weerasinghe, Lisa Wehr, Corbin Weaver, Matt Wilson, Amy Young

Fall 2017

Team Winners

Digital Noon News Team

Nominated by:  Barbara Barrows

Team Members: Barbara Barrows, Amanda Franzen, Kristine Roggentien, Razvan Horeanga, Michael Alberhasky

OneIT Data Centers

Nominated by:  Tim Evans

Team Members: Guy Falsetti, Jerry Protheroe, Kris Halter, J. J. Urich, Steven Dellabetta

Science Thursday Team

Nominated by:  Chris Roling

Team Members: Jean Robillard, M.D., Patricia Winokur, M.D., Mike Welsh, M.D., Rebecca Waltman, MBA, Wes Sotzen, Steven Schlote, Jennifer Stout, Angie Schaley, Mary Kenyon, Sonya Housholder

UIHC Spiritual Services

Nominated by:  Libby Conley

Team Members: Noelle Andrew, Mdiv. BCC, Rev. Cindy Ford Breed, Chaplain Lois Cole, Libby Conley, Joel Gilbertson-White, BCC, Chaplain Jeremy Hudson, David Kozishek, MA, BCC, Mary Kay Kusner, MA, BCC, Chaplain Martha E. Lang, Rev. Timothy J. Regan, Chaplain Randy Shebek, Fr. Vitolds Valainis, Nancy Jeanne Adams-Cogan, Reverend Michael Musick, Alysia Haman, Ellen T. Haman