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If you're laid off or furloughed, your health, dental, life, and disability insurance coverage will end within a month of your last day.

You can choose to continue your health and dental coverage using COBRA. You also can convert your life insurance to an individual policy and/or purchase a long-term disability policy. You'll be responsible for all insurance costs once your UI-sponsored coverage ends.

Health, Dental, and COBRA

Your health insurance and dental insurance continue though the last day of the month in which your job ends. For example, if your last day is Jan. 1 (or any day in January), you're covered through Jan. 31.

You can maintain your UI insurance for up to 18 months using COBRA. University Benefits will mail you information about COBRA once your job ends.

Under COBRA, you're responsible for the full cost of your insurance, paid monthly. You need to enroll no more than 60 days after your coverage ends (e.g., within 60 days of Jan. 31 in the example above).

Find more information about COBRA.

Life Insurance

Like health and dental, your life insurance continues through the last day of the month in which your job ends.

You can convert your group and/or supplemental life insurance to an individual policy by submitting an application and paying your first premium within 30 days of your coverage end date. Proof of health is not required.

See group life insurance conversion rates for information on how to calculate your premium. Download the conversion application or call 800-986-3343 extension 76398 for more information.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Your long-term disability insurance also ends the last day of the month in which your job ends. For information on purchasing an individual disability policy, call 800-249-5529 extension 3.

Long-Term Care Insurance

If you're enrolled in the voluntary long-term care insurance program, you may be able to continue your coverage through direct billing. Contact John Hancock at 888-999-2072 or Genworth at 800-416-3624, or connect with University Benefits for more information.