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The layoff process for Merit staff is governed by the Board of Regents Merit Rules within the Iowa Administrative Code (IAC), specifically section 681-3.104(4). The rules provide that if the impacted employee does not request and accept the layoff, they may voluntarily demote or occupy a formerly held non-supervisory classification, if available.

In other words, the individual may have three options:

  • Accept the layoff and request reemployment rights
  • "Bump" into a classification lower in the same series (e.g. from a Clerk III to a Clerk II or Clerk I) within your designated layoff unit
  • If there is no classification lower in the same series, "bump" into a classification which you previously held within your designated layoff unit

If the impacted employee is unable to be placed through the bumping process, the employee will be subject to layoff. 

Layoff Notice

In most cases, your supervisor and/or local HR professionals will notify you that your Merit position will be eliminated. They'll work with University Human Resources staff to make sure you receive information about the timeline for your layoff, your rights and responsibilities as a Merit employee, and additional support resources.

Per Merit Rules, any permanent Merit employee affected by a reduction in force will receive a written notification of the layoff at least 28 days prior to the effective date of the layoff, unless budgetary limitations require a lesser period of notice.

Layoff Meeting

Talent Acquisition staff at University Human Resources will receive a copy of your layoff notification. A representative of Talent Acquisition will meet with you to review the layoff process and the options available to you. You'll receive information about:

During Your Layoff Notice Period

Over the weeks or months prior to your layoff date—the day your job ends—you'll continue to work (unless you've made other arrangements with your unit). In circumstances where your original work assignment is no longer available, you may reassigned to other work assignments within the unit. 

You will be encouraged to schedule appointments with the appropriate offices to help you with your transition during this period. These resources will be shared in more detail with you during the initial layoff notice meeting. Talent Acquisition will also be available to assist you in the job search process. 

After Your Layoff Date

Your employment will end if you do not obtain another university position before the effective date of the layoff. You will retain reemployment rights to any previously held Merit classifications for two years from the effective date of the layoff should an opening become available. To exercise your reemployment rights, you will need to notify Talent Acquisition during the initial advertising period of the opening.

Reemployment rights allow for:

  • Pay at a rate no greater than what was last paid and between the minimum and maximum of the pay grade
  • Reinstate previous vacation and sick leave accrual rates
  • Restore your seniority date to the date that was in effect prior to termination
  • Reinstate your previous permanent status, benefit eligibility date, and retirement eligibility date
  • Reinstate priority eligibility for parking, athletic tickets, and any other benefits you had at the time or termination