Workplace Flexibility

Campus Coronavirus Updates

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Workplace flexibility is re-thinking how, when and where people do their best work. There are a diverse range of needs employee face both personally and professionally. The University supports the general concept of flexible work arrangements, providing staff the potential to balance work and personal commitments, and perform at their highest level. Flexible work arrangements may positively impact retention efforts, work-life fit, workloads, staff commitment, productivity, and the overall work culture. 

Getting Started: 

  1. Employee proposes a flexible work arrangement. A verbal conversation is recommended as best practice to initiate and discuss the details of the arrangement. See Workplace Flexibility: Best Practices for Staff for details to consider when negotiating a flexible work arrangement. 

  1. Employee initiates Flexible Work Agreement form via workflow for supervisor approval. An alternate can complete the form on behalf of the employee if desired. 

  1. Supervisor and employee hold regular check-in conversations, starting at 3 months, to evaluate the success of the agreement and make changes as needed. 

Working Remotely FAQ's


Flexible Work Arrangements 

Flexible Work Arrangements may provide the flexibility necessary for employees to be able to balance the demand of home and work during this time. Visit to learn more about types of flexibility supported by the University of Iowa.  

Child Care Resources 

Local child care providers are currently working to initiate plans to support families of school-aged children with parent(s) who need to report to work during the school day. The website will be updated regularly with information about available child care options for employees.  

COVID-19 Leave Scenarios 

There are options for using paid leave accruals to care for children during school closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit and talk with your HR Representative or Supervisor regarding your options. 


The equipment and access needed will be specific to each job. Information Technology Services has a comprehensive check-list of items to consider when making the preparations to work off-campus. Talk to your local IT support if you are interested in bringing equipment home for this temporary period. 


There are a variety of existing resources available to help with this, and many new ones are being added. Visit the Working, Learning, and Leading Remotely page to see what’s available.


Yes, supervisors can assign alternate work, special projects, or professional development activities to allow employees to continue working while remaining at home. 


Documenting remote work arrangements using the Flexible Work Agreement Form is encouraged, and is required in some colleges across campus. Contact your local Human Resources Office to confirm internal requirements for documentation.

Additional Workplace Flexibility Resources: 


Family Services can provide workplace flexibility conversations for: 

  • Departments looking to establish a flexible work policy with a standardized decision-making process 

  • Staff members requesting a flexible work arrangement 

  • Supervisors or HR Representatives seeking guidance regarding a flexible work arrangement request. 

Contact Family Services at or 319-335-3558 to make an appointment.