Workplace Flexibility

Workplace flexibility is about re-thinking how, when and where people do their best work.

There are a diverse range of needs that employees face, both personally and professionally. The University supports the general concept of flexible work arrangements, providing staff the potential to balance work and personal commitments, and perform at their highest level. Flexible work arrangements may positively impact retention efforts, work-life fit, workloads, staff commitment, productivity, and the overall work culture. 

Flexibility 1-2-3

1. Staff member proposes a flexible work arrangement.  This includes a verbal conversation with his or her supervisor, followed by a written proposal.

2. Supervisor approves, negotiates or denies proposal. Once approved, employee initiates an Agreement Form and submits to supervisor.

3. Check-in at regular intervals. An initial 3-month review of the agreement is recommended, followed by a six month or annual check-in.


Family Services can provide workplace flexibility consultations for:

  • Departments looking to establish a flexible work policy with a standardized decision-making process
  • Staff members requesting a flexible work arrangement
  • Supervisors or HR representatives seeking guidance regarding a flexible work arrangement request

Contact Family Services at or 319-335-3558 to make an appointment.

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