2022 Active Retiree Rates

When a UI retiree and/or spouse are not yet Medicare eligible, they will have an active retiree policy until they turn age 65. Once you turn 65, you will be placed into our UI Medicare Careveout plans under UIChoice and UISelect. 

2022 Rates for Retirees Not Medicare Eligible

2022 Medicare Eligible Rates

Once a retiree and/or spouse turns age 65, the plan participant is moved into a UI Medicare Carevout plan under UIChoice or UISelect. You are also eligible for the two Medicare Advantage plans offered by Health Alliance. 

2022 Rates for Medicare Eligible Retirees

University of Iowa Contribution Eligibility 

Faculty and staff enrolled in UIChoice or UISelect who retire at age 62 or older with 10 or more years of continuous benefit-eligible service, may receive a $288 university contribution toward the cost of the UIChoice or UISelect health insurance premium per month. Please note that this contribution is NOT guaranteed and is reviewed by executive leadership on a yearly basis. 

Retiree's who are eligible for the University Contribution ($288)
Total Cost - ($288) = Eligible for UI Contribution Retiree's Cost
Example: $614 (UISelect) - $288 = $326 premium per month 

2022 Retiree Health Insurance Monthly Premiums

Rates effective Jan. 01, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022 

Not Medicare Eligible

(UI Retiree and/or spouse is not yet age 65)

Coverage Options UIChoice
Total Cost
with $288 UI Contribution*
Total Cost
with $288 UI Contribution*
Single $768 $480 $614 $326
Retiree + Spouse/Partner $1,833 $1,545 $1,468 $1,180
Retiree + Children $1,496 $1,208 $1,197 $909
Retiree + Family $1,963 $1,675 $1,572 $1,284

*Total cost premium minus the $288 contribution = Retirees eligible for contribution premium rate.
To be eligible: Must have retired from the university at age 62 or older with 10 or more years of continuous benefit-eligible service.

Medicare Eligible - Carveout Plans

(UI Retiree and/or Spouse is Medicare Eligible, over age 65)

Coverage Options UIChoice
Total Cost
UICHoice with
$288 UI contribution
Total Cost
uiselect with
$288 UI contribution
Retiree Only $918.66 $630.66 $826.80 $538.80
Retiree + Spouse/Partner
(one Medicare eligible)
$918.66 (Retiree Only Carveout)
+ $768 (Single Plan)
$1,398.66 $1,440.80
$826.80 (Retiree Only Carveout)
+ $614 (Single Plan)
Retiree + Spouse/Partner
(both are Medicare eligible)
Please note you and your spouse will
each have your own individual policies.
$918.66 (Retiree Only Carveout) x 2
$1,549.32 $1,653.60
$826.80 (Retiree Only Carveout) x 2
Retiree + Child(ren) $1,686.66 (1 child)*
$918.66 (Retiree Only Carveout)
+ $768 (Single Plan) per child covered
$1,398.66* $1,440.80 (1 child)*
$826.80 (Retiree Only Carveout)
+ $614 (Single Plan) per child covered
Retiree + Family
(UI Retiree is Medicare Eligible, Spouse is Not)
$918.66 (Retiree Only Carveout)
+ $1,496 (Active Retiree + Children)
$2,126.66 $2,023.80
$826.80 (Retiree Only Carveout)
+ $1,197 (Active Retiree + Children)
Retiree + Family
(Both Retiree & Spouse are Medicare Eligible)
$2,605.32 (1 Child)*
$1,837.32 (Retiree+Spouse Carveout)
+ $768 (Single plan) per child covered
$2,317.32* $2,267.60 (1 Child)*
$1,653.60 (Retiree+Spouse Carveout)
+ $614 (Single plan) per child covered

* Medicare eligible and covering child(ren)
Cost calculated in the above table for "Retiree + Child(ren)" and "Retiree + Family" is for the Retiree plus 1 covered dependent child; Add $768 for each additional child on UIChoice or $614 for each additional child on UISelect

What happens to your rates when you become Medicare eligible?

When a UI retiree becomes Medicare eligible, the University Benefits Office will move the UI retiree from an active retiree rate (first table on this page) to a single UI Medicare Carveout policy within the plan you are enrolled in UIChoice or UISelect.


    Gabriel is currently enrolled in the UIChoice active retiree single plan and pays $768 for their monthly premium. In February, Gabriel turns 65 and will move into the Medicare Carveout plan for UIChoice. Their new monthly premium will increase to $918.66 per month.
    Florence retired at age 64 and had 24 years of continuous benefit-eligible service with the university, which makes them eligible for the $288 UI contribution towards their premium. Florence's monthly premium for UISelect is $326 per month after the UI contribution. When they turn 65 later this year, Florence will be moved into the Medicare Carveout plan for UISelect, and the new premium will be:
    • Single UISelect Medicare Eligible premium $826.80 - $288 UI Contribution = $538.80 


If the Medicare eligible UI retiree covers a spouse, who is not Medicare eligible, the spouse will have a single (non-medicare eligible) policy paying the retiree cost.


  • Maggie is Medicare eligible (age 66), and her spouse is not (age 64). Therefore, Maggie and her spouse have two different policies.
    • Maggie will be in the UISelect Medicare Carveout Single plan, which is $826.80/month.
    • Her spouse will be enrolled in the UISelect Active Retiree Single plan, $614/month.
    • Maggie and her spouse's total monthly premium for health insurance are $1,440.80
    • If Maggie is eligible for the UI Contribution, their total premium for health insurance is $1,440.80 - $288 contribution = $1,152.80 per month.

If the Medicare eligible UI retiree is covering a spouse, not Medicare eligible, and child(ren), the spouse and child(ren) will be enrolled in a Retiree + Child(ren) policy. The UI retiree will have a single Medicare carveout plan.


  • Donald retired from the university at age 67. He is also planning to cover his spouse, Kate, who is 59, and their son, Jack, who is 25 and has decided to go back to school. 
    • Donald is Medicare eligible, but Kate is not. So University Benefits will put Donald in his own Medicare Carveout Single plan, and Kate and Jack will be enrolled in the Active Retiree + Child(ren) plan. 
    • Donald is also eligible for the UI contribution since he met the eligibility requirements.
  • This family is enrolled in the UIChoice plan.
    • Donald's Medicare carveout single plan = $918.66 - $288 contribution = $630.66
    • Kate and Jack's Active Retiree + Child plan = $1,496
    • Total cost for health insurance = $2,126.66 per month

If the UI retiree and the spouse are both Medicare eligible, both the UI retiree and spouse will have single Carveout policies. If they are covering children, each child will be enrolled in a single non-Medicare policy. 


  • Gus and Kim are both Medicare eligible and have the UISelect health plan. However, neither of them was eligible for the UI Contribution when they retired from the University.
    • Gus and Kim are both put in their own Medicare Carevout single plans. $826.80 x 2 policies = $1,653.60 per month.
  • They have two children that have come back on to their plan; below is the breakdown:
    • Gus and Kim remain in their single Medicare Carveout plans and continue to pay $1,653.60 in total for themselves.
    • The two children will each be enrolled in a single active retiree plan for UISelect. $614 x 2 policies = $1,228. 
    • Total premium for all 4 per month = $2,881.60


2022 Health Alliance Monthly Premiums

Rates effective Jan. 01, 2022 - Dec. 31, 2022

Plan Cost
Medicare Advantage Guide HMO Plus Rx plan* $60
Medicare Advantage UI Health Alliance PPO* $320

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