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Providers at UI Health Care

A provider works with each patient to develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan for health care. When care is provided at UI Health Care, residents and medical students may play a role in the individual's care. When an individual is hospitalized, residents and medical students are an integral part of the staff which provides support for treatment by the faculty.
UIGRADCare Clinic Locations

Health care for individuals who are away from Iowa City

The UIGRADCare Plan provides coverage when

  • an individual is traveling and services are provided in a Hospital Emergency Room setting
  • an individual is temporarily living somewhere else

Care for an accident or an emergency will be covered as if the incident had happened in the Iowa City as long as services provided were in a Hospital Emergency Room setting. An emergency can be considered to be a medical condition that a prudent layperson (with an average knowledge of health and medicine) could reasonably expect to result in serious jeopardy to a person's health in the absence of immediate medical attention. 

For covered individuals who are temporarily living away from the Iowa City area for 30 days or more

  • Notification to the University Benefits Office is required at the beginning of the change in residency.
  • Locate a participating provider through the National Provider Locator. Select "BlueCard Traditional" from the Choose Your Network dropdown box.

Care by non-participating providers may involve higher cost to you. Non-participating providers do not have contracts with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They do not agree to accept payment arrangements and are not responsible for filing claims for you. Non-participating providers may charge more for health care than participating providers. Payment is made to you and you are responsible for paying the provider. Non-participating providers can bil you for the difference between what Blue Cross and Blue Shield will pay for a service and what they charge (balance billing).

Furthermore, when health care necessitates an admission to a hospital in situations which do not involve an emergency or an accidental injury, prior approval must be secured by telephoning the Plan's toll-free number.

Out of country: If it is necessary to receive covered services in a country other than the United States, it is advisable to contact Blue Cross and Blue Shield for assistance in locating the closest participating provider in that country.

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