Regular Retiree Health Insurance Rates

When a retiree or their spouse becomes Medicare eligible, they are put into separate policies and charged the appropriate premium based on age and eligibility for the University’s retiree contribution (information below).

University of Iowa Contribution Eligibility

Faculty and Staff on UIChoice who retired at age 62 or older with 10 or more years of continuous benefit eligible service at the time of retirement, will receive a university contribution toward the cost of UIChoice health insurance of $288 per month. 

2020 Regular Retiree Health Insurance Monthly Premiums

Retiree's who are eligible for the University Contribution ($288)
Total Cost - ($288) = Eligible for UI Contribution Retiree's Cost
Example: $569 (UISelect) - $288 = $281 premium per month
2020 UIChoice and UISelect Monthly Premiums
Coverage Options UIChoice
Total Cost
Total Cost
(not Medicare eligible)
$683 $569
(Medicare eligible)
$792 $713
Retiree + Spouse/Partner
(neither Medicare eligible)
$1,631 $1,359
Retiree + Spouse/Partner
(one Medicare eligible)
$1,475 $1,282
Retiree + Spouse/Partner
(both are Medicare eligible)
$1,584 $1,426
Retiree + Child(ren)
(not Medicare eligible)
$1,331 $1,109
Retiree + Family
(not Medicare eligible)
$1,747 $1,456

2020 Health Alliance Monthly Premiums

2020 Health Alliance Monthly Premiums
Plan Cost
Medicare Advantage Guide HMO Plus Rx plan* $60
Medicare Advantage UI Health Alliance PPO* $320

UIChoice, UISelect and Health Alliance plans include prescription drug coverage

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