Travel Assistance - Active Employees

Protection When you Travel (You're most likely already covered)

Domestic Travel and Personal International Travel

University of Iowa employees and their families may be eligible for two different travel assistance programs, based on their participation in the required Group Life Insurance product (offered through Principal) or the Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance program (offered through Zurich).

Because participation in the University’s group term life insurance program is a condition of employment for regular University faculty and staff members who hold a 50% time or greater appointment, you are most likely already covered. If you have group life insurance, you are eligible for the robust travel assistance services offered through Principal Insurance Company.

Participation in the Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance plan offered through Zurich Insurance is voluntary.  If you purchase this insurance, you are eligible for the travel assistance services they offer.

The travel assistance offered through both of these companies is offered as a component of the insurance plan already offered; if you have the insurance there is no additional charge to you for the travel assistance benefits.

If you participate in both plans listed above, you're eligible for both travel assistance plans.  These are two separate programs with different benefits.  They do not coordinate benefits.  We recommend that if you are eligible for both, you familiarize yourself with both so you can utilize the plan that is most beneficial to you if you have a claim.

University-Sponsored International Travel

The University recently completed an agreement with Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) to provide medical & travel insurance coverage for students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on university business.  Major features of the program include basic medical insurance and emergency medical and security evacuation.

Faculty and staff travelers (on University business) incur no cost for the program’s premium, coverage and services. Optional coverage is available at the traveler's expense for accompanying spouse/domestic partner or dependents by completing the Microsoft Office document iconSpouse/partner and/or dependent coverage application (doc).

To be covered, you must register your travel in advance through the University’s ProTrav system.  Enrollment will occur automatically approximately three (3) weeks prior to your departure. 

This program does not apply to personal international travel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This plan is intended to cover all faculty & staff traveling abroad on University business for overseas travel registered in the ProTrav system. The cost for the international travel insurance coverage for University of Iowa faculty or staff member traveling outside of the US on a University sponsored trip is being paid by the University Benefits Office.

The enrollment in the international travel insurance coverage will be automatically processed for the dates of the trip as shown in the ProTrav system. The enrollment will be processed 21 days before the trip’s departure to reduce the number of enrollment changes required due to changes in dates of travel.

Domestic insurance plans can be very difficult to use overseas and often require up-front payment prior to service with no guarantee of reimbursement. Also, they typically do not cover other travel risks.

If your trip is cancelled or your dates of travel change, please have these dates corrected in the ProTrav system and contact the Benefits Office.