How an Individual Uses the Dental Insurance Plan

Dental care under this plan can be obtained from any provider; however, there are advantages to using participating providers who have contracts with Delta Dental of Iowa, the dental insurance plan administrator. A list of plan providers may be accessed via the web.

The Student Dental Plan is a 3 tier provider network within Delta Dental.

Tier 1: Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network
Tier 2: Premier Delta Dental network
Tier 3: Dentists who do not participate with Delta Dental

Participating providers will accept payment arrangements and file claims for you. Payment is made directly to these providers.

Nonparticipating providers have not agreed to accept Delta Dental’s payment arrangements. This means you are responsible for any difference between your dentist’s covered charges and the Delta allowance. These dentists are not responsible for filing your claims. Claims are settled directly with you and you are then responsible for making payment to your provider.

Covering Dependents

Students may also purchase coverage for their spouse or domestic partner and/or dependent child(ren). To receive the greatest benefits from the Student Dental plan, dependents are advised to use Delta Dental of Iowa participating providers. A list of plan providers can be found on Delta Dental of Iowa website.

If a student acquires eligible dependents while insured by this plan, they may only be added within 30 days (60 days for birth or adoption) after becoming eligible.

Eligible dependents are:

  • Spouse or Domestic Partner
  • Dependent children up to the end of the calendar year after turning 26. Also including;
    • adopted children
    • stepchildren
    • foster children

Children over the age of 26 may continue to be covered if they are full-time students or disabled.

Student Dental Plan Documents

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