Positive Impact/Achieving Results

Competency Description

Ability to utilize existing resources and learning to achieve or exceed desired outcomes of current and future organizational goals/needs.  Able to demonstrate ethical behavior in diverse situations while producing results.

Proficiency Levels & Typical Behaviors


  • Appreciates the difference between effort and achievement and produces results that are important to unit.
  • Grasps the inevitability and challenges of change and adapts tactics accordingly; utilizes learning opportunities to prepare for changing work and methods.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to carry out responsibilities and a positive approach to accomplishing work.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of how work aligns to organizational mission, vision, and University environment


  • Adjusts to and develops self to prepare for new or changing assignments, processes, people, and priorities as organizational needs dictate.
  • Sets clear expectations for self and team to achieve work objectives and overcome obstacles.
  • Strives for excellence in performance by upholding established ethical standards and university values
  • Provides frequent updates on operations and financial performance to leadership


  • Ensures time, resources, energy, learning opportunities, and actions are focused on priorities that matter to the changing workplace.
  • Creates a team environment of accountability and commitment for reaching goals and desired results; ensures team is developed to address future needs.
  • Ensures compliance with codes of ethics that benefit the overall good of all constituents.
  • Demonstrates and communicates a big picture understanding of the organization, its interrelationships, and priorities.


  • Takes personal responsibility for the success of the group, unit, department, or organization.
  • Promotes organizational values in ethical and responsible decision making.
  • Works to create a climate that values and rewards initiative, excellence, continual learning, and achievement of results.
  • Deals effectively with ambiguity and change; coaches others in behaviors and prepares others through development for ongoing effectiveness.