Administrative Differentials

May be used to recognize a time limited assignment of additional administrative duties without transferring to a different position number. The key areas of responsibility may be at the same or a higher classification and pay level. An administrative differential will normally not be applied for more than twelve (12) months; however, extensions may be requested from University Human Resources in limited circumstances.

Administrative differential salaries will be within the market range. Upon approval by University Human Resources, multiple administrative differential increases may be provided within the same budget year if the salary is still within the market range.

All administrative differential salary increases require approval by University Human Resources. When the assignment ends, the staff member's salary will revert to their former amount. Any salary increases that the staff member would have received in their regular role will be included when determining their salary when the assignment ends. Fiscal year increases will be factored in based on the percentage increase rather than the dollar amount.  Departments must designate the administrative differential salary increase as OACT "160" in the MFK funding source.

Effective date is the day the staff member assumed the additional responsibilities.