Executive Leadership Academy-Higher Ed Alumni


  • Abigail Stamp, Women's Basketball
  • Adele Vanarsdale, Campus Planning and Development
  • Angela (Angie), McMullin, College of Law
  • Ben Anderson, Facilities Management/Utilities& Energy Management
  • Caleb Recker, Recreational Services
  • Chris Annicella, College of Education
  • Cody Pritchard, Center for Diversity and Enrichment
  • Dawn Freerks, Office of Distance and Online Education
  • Jessica Boyle, Sponsored Programs
  • Julie Cunningham, Office of the Provost
  • Julie Sychra, Facilities Management
  • Matthew Stancel, Recreational Services
  • Maureen Schafer, Academic Advising
  • Michael Weaver, Research Administration
  • Monica Freiburger, Lions Eye Bank
  • Monica Marcelo, Residence Education
  • Neda Barrett, College of Dentistry
  • Nellie Link, Student Life
  • Rebecca Tritten, World Languages/Literatures/Cultures
  • Teresa Garringer, Dean's Administration
  • Virginia Ibrahim-Olin, University Housing & Dining


  • Aju Jugessur, Optical Science Tech Ctr
  • Angela Charsha-Harney, Recreational Services
  • Brittney Thomas, Teach, Learn, & Technology
  • Christine Ralston, Career Services
  • Clint Huntrods, Health & Human Physiology
  • Cortney Boyle, Purchasing
  • Cory Lockwood, Iowa Memorial Union
  • Elizabeth Constantine, Education-Administration
  • Erin Brothers, Division of Sponsored Programs
  • Eugene Buck, CLAS Administration
  • Heather Schnoebelen, CLAS Administration
  • Isaac Podolefsky, CLAS Administration
  • Jane Garrity, UI Research Foundation
  • Jill De Young, Central Administration
  • Kelly Flinn, Center for Conferences
  • Kevin Zihlman, Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Lynn Teesch, Cent Elect Microscopy Facility
  • Megan Hammes, Human Resources
  • Nathan T. Robinson, Office of the President
  • Teri Schnelle, Student Services
  • Tricia Brown, University News Services
  • Wendy Robertson, Library Administration


  • Aaron Kline, Research Administration
  • Adrianna Baggetta, Softball
  • Brian Baxter, Recreational Services
  • Charles Wieland, Social Work
  • Emily Campbell, Education Administration
  • Hayley Yearian, Research & Economic Development
  • Jenifer Steil, CLAS Administration
  • Jim Sayre, Parking Administration
  • John Laverty, Admissions
  • Liz McIntire, Office of the President
  • Lois Gray, Office of the Dean Administration
  • Lorelei Kurimski, State Hygienic Lab
  • Lynne Sebille-White, Career Center
  • Nadine Petty, Center For Diversity and Enrichment
  • Paula Keeton, University Counseling
  • Randy Nessler, Cent Elec Microscopy Research Facility
  • Trisha Kreman, Administration/IC


  • Adam Stockman, Eye Bank
  • Akua Akyea, College of Law
  • Angie Reams, Dean of Students
  • April Tippett, College of Engineering
  • Bethany Davis, Library Administration
  • Brenna Goode, Chemistry
  • Cynthia Fairchild, PT Appt Center Tier 4
  • Elizabeth Kiscaden, Library Administration
  • James Jorgensen, General Counsel
  • Joshua Berka, Athletics
  • Karna Wieck, CLAS Administration
  • Kate Sojka, University College
  • Kelley Ashby, Pomerantz Career Center
  • Marlys Boote, Division of Continuing Education
  • Meng Wu, High Throughput Screening
  • Mirra Anson, University College
  • Ruthina Malone, Psychology
  • Sharon Beck, Office of the President
  • Stephen Pradarelli, Research Administration
  • Wade Aldous, Disease Control Administration
  • Zev Sunleaf, UI Research Foundation


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