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Audio Course

Leadership Tips, Tactics, and Advice (55 minutes)

Listen to this podcast on leading with intention to absorb tips to thrive in challenging leadership moments and build a strong team. Become masterful at these moments, and you will have a lasting impact on your team and its performance. Effective leaders manage their mindset and behaviors to become the leader that others are motivated to follow. Instructors:  Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth Lotardo.

Learning objectives:

  • Aligning your team and setting goals
  • Holding high-impact one-on-ones
  • Delivering feedback
  • Navigating team conflict and change
  • Recruiting talent
  • Leading through disruption

Online Courses

Transformational Leadership (1 hr 7 min)

What is transformational leadership, and how does someone lead in this way? Transformational leadership is the most well-touted, research-based approach to leading that’s often repackaged in many popular books and courses. Make it easy by learning the practices that can become your “go-to” approach in leading. Instructor:  Henna Inam

Learning objectives:

  • The importance of purpose
  • Sharing a vision for change
  • Discovering your values
  • Acting in harmony with your values
  • Practicing integrity as a role model
  • Encouraging creativity
  • Innovating to generate inspiration
  • Growing as a leader
  • Empowering each individual
  • Overcoming resistance to change

Leadership: Practical Skills (2 hrs 30 min)

Do you want leadership research and motivation theories boiled down to practical nuggets you can use? This course clarifies both leadership and management to make your job easier and produce better outcomes with your team. Instructor: Chris Croft

Learning objectives:

  • What makes a great leader?
  • Connecting with your team
  • What motivates your team
  • Leadership styles
  • Delegation
  • Autonomy
  • Making a leadership pledge