Leadership Development

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Iowa City, IA 52242
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This information will assist you in supporting your employees who enroll in UI LEAD (Leadership Education, Assessment, and Development).

UI LEAD Criteria

UI LEAD is an investment, and therefore, we encourage your college or department to consider potential candidates who demonstrate high leadership potential. Consider nominating faculty and staff members who are committed to building their leadership effectiveness to benefit the University of Iowa.

Administrator's Role

The Administrator's involvement is critical to a participant's success. Our process supports a partnership between you and the participant, to maximize his/her potential and achieve work-related outcomes that will lead to organizational success. 

  • Engage in an opening meeting with the participant and UI LEAD coach to identify organizational objectives and discuss ways you can support his/her development. 
  • Complete the initial online 360 assessment. Your responses will be a distinct part of your participant’s 360 report. 
  • Meet with the participant periodically to discuss how the UI LEAD process is going and review his/her goals and process.
  • Complete the closing online 360 assessment.
  • Engage in a closing meeting with the participant and UI LEAD coach to discuss progress made during the program and determine return on investment.