E-Learning Programs

What is E-Learning?

A variety of e-learning resources provide you access to online courses, articles, and lessons on your schedule.

  • Myquickcoach is an online resource for people who want to develop professionally, and need it to fit into their busy life. The more than 2000 brief video lessons and articles cover topics ranging from time management to communication to cultural values . . . and everything in between.
    • Who is this for? It's for people who want insight into a problem they are facing, or who are looking for a quick burst of learning...just because. Because the lessons can be shared easily with others, it's also great for people who want to engage others in the learning process. All staff and faculty employed in a regular appointment, 50% time or greater, are eligible to use myquickcoach.
  • University-specific online courses, including compliance-related offerings, are available within Employee Self Service - My Training (ICON).
    • Who is this for? ICON is for people who want to take informational or compliance-based professional development courses. The topics include things such as university policies and procedures, security awareness, leadership, grant administration, and job safety. ICON is also for instructors who want to create, edit, and deliver online learning resources.
  • LinkedIn Learning is available for more than 100,000 technology and professional skill tutorials.
    • Who is this for? This resource is for employees and students who want to learn more about specific software tools and programs, or expand their understanding of key business skills.
  • CultureVision™ is a a web-based tool that allows instant access to information about more than 50 ethnic and cultural groups across 12 clinical and non-clinical areas.
    • Who is this for? CultureVision was specifically designed to be used by staff members working with patients across all care and administrative settings—providing a wealth of information about ethnic, religious, and other groups, including many factors that could affect health status and health practices.

What is My Training?

My Training is located on the Employee Self Service web site. My Training allows employees to register for and track their compliance and professional development course participation and completions. To learn about how you can enroll in professional development and compliance courses, visit the Registration Procedures website.

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