Working, Learning, and Leading Remotely

Campus Coronavirus Updates

Visit the University of Iowa coronavirus website for the latest information about COVID-19 and the university’s response.

As the university and the world confront COVID-19, many of us are suddenly working from home. This page offers resources for getting started and engaging in meaningful work, including professional development.
Ideas for staying to connected to teammates while working together from a distance.

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General Tips

Establishing a routine and creating a remote workspace

Communication Routines

Connecting and coordinating work from a distance

Working Remotely Blog

University of Iowa employees offer advice and support for working from home.

Optimizing Technology

Making sure you have what you need to perform your work and stay in touch

At-Home Ergonomics

Improving comfort, boosting efficiency, and preventing injury


Maintaining work-life balance and personal health and well-being

Professional Development

Creating an individual development plan and pursuing training

Online Learning

Guide to online learning resources available to UI employees

Remote Working Survey Results

April 2020 remote-work feedback from faculty and staff

Supervision and Engagement

Managing remote teams, including using stay interviews to build engagement

Working Remotely Blog

Gaining Perspective from Retrospection 

Trying to adjust to a world that emphasizes social isolation requires some juggling in personal and professional lives. Taking the time to find gratitude and balance is essential to good health. Matsalyn Brown shares a bit of her story here.
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Hello Home, Nice to Meet You Zoom

Learning new tools can be a challenge, but being forced to learn a new tool? That's a whole other thing. Hear about Scott White's thoughts and resources he's put together in learning and working with Zoom.
Change Ahead Sign

Reflecting on Week 5 of the Virtual Office

Supporting each other in the workplace is a common theme for successful teams. Supporting your community makes us good humans. Here Cheryl Reardon reflects on week 5 of the virtual office and shares how supporting is a bare necessity of life.
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Remote, Virtual or Mobile?

Not quite sure what to call people that work remote versus virtually? What does mobile work entail? Read this article for definitions that help differentiate each of the following terms: remote, virtual, and mobile work.
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Uh…I Don’t Know

Getting to OK is sometimes the best you can do. That too is OK. Think about taking up the battle cry of the Buddhist for an unexpected zen moment.
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