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Sleep is a basic necessity, as important as air, food, and water. We spend as much as one third of our lives sleeping, and yet sleep is often lost or taken for granted when trying to meet a deadline or care for ill family members.

More than half of us don’t get enough sleep. Not only does this leave us tired and not at our best, but poor sleep can affect our ability to concentrate and retain new information, and alter our judgment and mood. Insufficient sleep may also lead to poor health. Studies reveal that people who sleep poorly are at greater risk for health concerns from obesity to high blood pressure.

This site provides information to assist you in learning more about improving your sleep:

SLEAP Appointments Available

If you prefer to meet in person to discuss sleep and simply strategize and discuss sleep improvements from sleep hygiene to CBT-I (cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia), we are offering SLEAP: sleep better with your UI EAP. We are here to help you improve your sleep.

To discuss a sleep concern or to access any of the above resources, please contact us.