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Leadership Development Plan

Refer to the Leadership Development Plan Options when deciding which program fits your need!

It is our vision that the University of Iowa will have leaders at all levels who develop themselves and others to achieve peak performance. Our mission is to move individuals to the next level of professional leadership and to improve the effectiveness of leadership teams. 

Leadership Core
Audience Format Topics Fee Contact Hours Timeline to Finish
All UI community members who have a desire for leadership and administrative responsibilities. No application needed. Online ICON modules with video and quizzes.
Access within Employee Self-Service|My Training
Four, 2 hour core sessions based upon the Center for Creative Leadership competency model:  Awareness, Communication, Influence, Agility.
Drivers of UI culture are featured:
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
  • Excellence and Continuous Improvement
  • Engagement
No cost for UI employees 8 hours online Self-paced
Supervising Today's Students
Audience Format Topics Fee Contact Hours Timeline to Finish
Faculty and staff who hire, onboard, develop and lead student employees's. No application needed. Classroom
Self-paced (take any 6 of 10 courses- does not need to be within one semester)
Open enrollment by course via Employee Self-Service.
Six, 1.5 hour sessions:
  • Pre-Employment Process Coaching
  • How Students Learn
  • Effectively Leading Students
  • Boosting Student Workplace Performance with StrengthsFinder
  • Conflict Management
  • Generational Engagement
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Supervising International Students, and More!
No cost for UI employees 9 hours in class Self-paced
Audience Format Topics Fee Contact Hours Timeline to Finish
Front-line staff leaders with functional supervision of staff can apply or be nominated Classroom
Campus-wide cohort
Case discussion group
One ICON online course
Four electives
Six, 2.5 hour core sessions:
  • Supervisor Fundamentals
  • Understanding and Applying Work Styles
  • The Engaged Employee
  • Coaching for Improved Performance
  • Developing/Leading a Diverse Team
  • Building Strong Relationships
No cost for UI employees 24 hours in class 3 months for cores with 
2 years for electives
Audience Format Topics Fee Contact Hours Timeline to Finish
Advanced Management Series
Emerging to mid-level staff leaders with administrative management of staff can apply or be nominated Classroom
Campus-wide cohort
Case discussion group
Goal setting with one's leader(s)
Eleven classes; multiple case discussion sessions
  • Ethic, Options and Insight
  • DISC Managerial Assessment
  • Work Organization and Time Management
  • Change Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Supporting Staff Performance
  • Communicating for Performance
  • Managing for Improvement
  • Emotional Intelligence and Diversity
  • Conflict Management
  • Health Management
    (Please note: Supporting Staff Performance, Communicating for Performance and Managing for Performance can be taken in advance as part of the Performance Management Miniseries)
$200 for UI employees 33 hours in class 7 months
Audience Format Topics Fee Contact Hours Timeline to Finish
Current leaders (faculty and staff) in expanding roles can apply or be nominated Roundtables with leadership
Topical workshops
Case discussion groups
Cohort-led discussions
360 assessment
Executive coaching
Customizable learning objectives and topics
Two roundtables with deans and senior associate deans, and participant's supervisors
Four, 1:1 coaching sessions
Four group workshops:
  • Creating vision, DEI, and leadership/management differentiation
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • DISC Management
  • Cohort Choice topics
  • Case discussions
  • Colleague Feedback and Feedforward
$485 for UI employees 25 hours in class; 4 hours coaching 8 months
Audience Format Topics Fee Contact Hours Timeline to Finish
Executive Leadership Academy - Higher Ed
Mid-to-Senior levels leaders (staff and faculty) can apply or be nominated; UI Health Care runs a separate ELA Classroom (UI and external facilitators)
Executive coaching
Leadership cohort
Project and service learning field work
Pre and post 360 assessment
One, 2-day Onboarding
Five, 2-day Immersions
Five, coaching sessions
Eight, monthly half-day project support sessions
Project Presentations
Quarterly Mentor meeting
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Direction Setting
  • Engaging Others
  • Resource Alignment
  • Organizational Structure
  • Project Management
    Participant cohorts work on UI strategic initiatives and present outcomes to campus at close.
$2000 year for UI employees (scholarship available) 81 hours in class plus 6 hours coaching and team projects 9 months
Audience Format Topics Fee Contact Hours Timeline to Finish
DEO Leadership Program (Partnership with Provost)
Provost Office and Colleges coordinate enrollment for incoming, first and second year faculty department chairs Classroom (UI facilitators)
Case discussion group
Executive Coaching
Resource Referral
Cohort socials
Four, 1-2 hour coachings
Six, 1.5 hour cohort sessions
  • Becoming and Being a DEO
  • Leading through the Faculty Life Cycle
  • Leading an Academic Department
  • Leading Data and Change
  • Diversifying the Professoriate
  • Educational Leadership beyond the Department
    Periodic informal gathering and breakfasts with University leaders and graduates
Supported by Office of the Provost 9 hours in cohort sessions  plus 4-8 hours coaching 10 months
Audience Format Topics Fee Contact Hours Timeline to Finish
New and emerging women leaders can apply or be nominated Classroom and conference (in Cedar Rapids)
Corridor-wide cohort
Capstone team project
Optional mentorship
Two, 1 hour UI cohort meet-ups
Six, 2 hour classes
6-8 project team work sessions
Capstone project presentations
Optional quarterly mentorship
Optional 1-day regional conference
Optional networking socials
  • Business Acumen
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Leadership Influence
  • Presentation Skills
  • Cohort Choice topics  
Currently sponsored by OE Contact hours: 6 hours in class, 6-8 hours with team, 2 hours in networking, and optionals 9 months

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