E-Learning Programs

What is E-Learning?

A variety of e-learning resources allow you the opportunity to access online courses and lessons on your schedule, from any internet-accessible computer.

  • Myquickcoach is an online resource for people who want to learn, but need it to fit into their busy life. The lessons cover topics ranging from time management to communication to cultural values . . . and everything in between.
  • University-specific online courses are offered within My Training (ICON).
  • Lynda.com is available for technology/software courses.
  • CultureVision™ is a user-friendly database that gives healthcare professionals access to culturally competent information regarding patient care. The comprehensive database provides information about more than 50 cultural communities on crucial topics including communication, family patterns, diet and nutrition, treatment protocols, etiquette issues, and much more. UI Health Care is excited to incorporate the use of CultureVision into our goal of creating an environment of inclusion where individual differences are respected and all feel welcome.

What is myquickcoach?

  • Myquickcoach is an online resource for people who want to learn, but need it to fit into their busy life. It can be a great way to start your work day, to give you insight into a problem you’re facing, or to provide you with a quick burst of learning – just because.
  • Myquickcoach is filled with more than 2000 video lessons, articles and PDFs that are easy to access and easy to absorb. They can be used for your own professional development, and easily shared with others to enhance their learning opportunities.
  • Begin using myquickcoach now and log in with your HawkID and password. You can also access it in Employee Self Service under the Personal tab, in the Learning and Development section.
  • Staff and faculty eligible to use myquickcoach are those who are employed in a regular appointment, 50% time or greater.

What are My Training - ICON courses?

What is ICON? ICON (Iowa Courses Online) is the University of Iowa’s online course management system. Supported by Instructional Services (IS), a unit within Information Technology Services (ITS), ICON not only delivers over 4,000 courses during the semester to students but also supports professional development for staff.

What is My Training? My Training is located on the Employee Self Service web site. My Training allows employees to register for and track their courses.

University-specific online courses located in My Training (ICON) are delivered using the ICON system. Employees may register for and track course progress via My Training. If you do not register for these University-specific online courses (ICON) through My Training, they will not appear in your My Training report.

Other Departments Offering Professional Development Via ICON

Sponsors of E-Learning

The following campus sponsors have brought e-learning to you - a special thanks to them for their commitment to this learning initiative:

  • Human Resources
  • Learning & Development
  • Finance & Operations