BinGo HAWKS is an easy, fun program to encourage taking steps to healthier eating. From September 25 to October 29, 2017, take at least five steps to eating healthier. Weekly, participants will receive an email containing nutritional tips. Included in that email will be a Bonus Code worth 50 liveWELL Points to enter on My Health and Wellness.

What is BinGO HAWKS?

BinGO HAWKS is a healthy eating program to improve nutrition for five weeks during a busy time of year. Participate between September 25 – October 29. Record your weekly nutritional activity on the BinGO HAWKS Game Card.

Your goal is to achieve a Bingo by five squares in a row- horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Making healthier choices can have a big impact on health by increasing intakes of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and reducing fat intake. This helps manage weight; boost immunity to reduce short term health problems, improve physical and mental energy and intellectual focus.

How do you Register?

Register for BinGO HAWKS or visit Employee Self-Service | Personal Tab | LiveWell | My Health and Wellness. Upon registering, you will receive 50 liveWELL Points to use at the Wellness Store.

How does the Program Work?

Register for BinGO HAWKS at Employee Self-Service | Personal Tab | LiveWell | My Health and Wellness, then track your accomplished nutritional activities on the BinGO Hawks game card from September 25 – October 29. Weekly, you will receive an email from UI Wellness with a Bonus Code to submit at My Health and Wellness where you will earn 50 liveWELL Points each week.

Download the printable PDF iconBinGO Hawks Score Card (pdf)

BinGO HAWKS Game Card
Fiber Fruit Lean Protein Vegetables Hydration
Eat at least 3 servings of whole grains in 1 day Eat at least 3 servings of fruit a day Include a lean protein for breakfast Eat at least 3 different colored vegetables a day Check to see if your water bottle is BPA free
Try a grain that you've never eaten before Give a piece of fruit to a friend Eat fish/seafood 2 times during hte week Eat a salad for/with a meal Drink and refill your water bottle at least 3 times in a day
Eat a whole grain for breakfast Eat a piece of fruit instead of a sugary dessert of snack FREE SPACE Eat a vegetable with your breakfast Substitute water for sweet drinks (sugar sweetened or diet drinks or juice) for an entire day
Add a whole grain to a soup, yogurt, smoothie, or other dish Try a fruit never eaten before or add to a new dish Have a meat-free day, make all meals vegetarian Have a vegetable as a snack at least 2 times in a week Drink 1 cup of water with each meal
Eat a high fiber food as a snack Eat fruits of at least 3 different colors on 1 day Eat at least 1 meal with beans or peas as the protein source Try a vegetable you've never eaten before or prepare a vegetable in a new way Avoid all caffeine for a day

Resources for Support

Weekly emails to registrants will contain tips for successfully improving nutrition. For further resources visit Health and Well-being Resources: Nutrition.