The liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt runs all summer long (June 1-Aug. 31, 2022). Join us this year for a new theme that includes a chance to explore green spaces on the UI campus, fun learning opportunities, and the chance to increase your steps.

Yellow black-eyed susan flowers in foreground, students walking across bridge near UI Memorial Union in background
Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt logo

What is the liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt?

The 2022 Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt is a ten-destination, self-paced activity that you can complete by visiting each location physically or virtually.

This year liveWELL teamed up with the Pentacrest Museums to explore some of the beautiful green spaces and trees featured on our UI campus. As you participate in the scavenger hunt across campus, you're also encouraged to participate in the monthly Pentacrest Museum Tree Tours! Not only is this a great way to learn more about the diversity, beauty, and stories of trees on our campus, but three stops on the Tree Tours are also on the scavenger hunt! See the specific destinations that overlap below.

Tree Tours
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Why spend time in nature?

Spending time in nature and visiting green spaces can have a positive impact on our mental and emotional well-being, and get us moving, which benefits our physical well-being. Boost your appreciation for the UI campus with with fun learning opportunities along the way at each destination.

Who can participate in the liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt?

The liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt is for everyone! Only University of Iowa faculty and staff in 50 percent or greater regular positions are eligible to earn liveWELL points, but you’re encouraged to invite family, friends, or coworkers to join you on your adventures and learning. Register for the program in My liveWELL Portal to receive weekly emails with more information about these destinations and bonus code hints!

Team-Building Ideas for Virtual, Hybrid or On-Campus work:

  • In team meetings or huddles, "visit" one of the green spaces that are a part of the Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt. You can view and discuss the space or ask for a volunteer to do a 'report out' on the space to learn more about its history or significance. Note: Many pieces have links associated with them or interesting things you can pull out about how it came to the UI campus. 
  • Schedule a walk to one or a few of the destinations with co-workers; be sure everyone in the work group is included. Arrange transportation for those who cannot walk to the space. Agree to Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime someone who is not on campus.
  • Invite team members to share their own favorite green spaces or creative endeavors - in person or virtually!
  • Host a discussion on ways spending time in nature, visiting green spaces, or participating in activities like gardening make you feel well.

Destinations and Bonus Code Questions

As in years past, the scavenger hunt will feature 10 destinations to seek out physically or virtually across campus and their associated bonus code questions. Starting June 1, find the answer to each question and submit in Employee Self- Service > My LiveWELL Portal for 50 liveWELL points each. 

Dancer's Garden located at Halsey Hall

Bonus Code Question: What is located at Dancer’s Garden that attracts several avian (bird) visitors in the summer? Hint: It has running water. 

Dancer's Garden

Gingko Tree on the Pentacrest (also featured on Pentacrest Museums Tree Tours)

Bonus Code Question: What is the shape of a Gingko leaf? Hint: You can use this to cool yourself off when you are hot in the summer.

Gingko Tree

Black Walnut Tree on the Pentacrest (also featured on Pentacrest Museums Tree Tours)

Bonus Code Question: The Black Walnut has graced the Pentacrest lawn for over _____ years and has gone through two lightning protection systems since the 1980’s. The tree is one of several State Champion trees on campus! Hint: The answer is a number.

Black Walnut Tree

Anne Frank Tree on the Pentacrest (also featured on Pentacrest Museums Tree Tours)

Bonus Code Question: Anne Frank formed a close bond with a________ tree that grew behind the Annex. It was one of the only parts of the outside world that remained visible to her while in hiding with her family during WWII. The photo of the tree shown here was planted on our UI campus in honor of Anne Frank on April 29, 2022. 

UI Anne Frank Tree

Literary Grove located at Dey House

Bonus code question: Saplings associated with how many famous authors, including Mark Twain, William Faulkner, and Edgar Allen Poe, are featured in the literary grove surrounding the Iowa Writers Workshop? Hint: The answer is a number.

Dey House

Pharmacy Medicinal Garden at the College of Pharmacy Building

Bonus Code Question: The Tiger Lily is known for its edible bulbs, and it is being investigated for ___ ___ ___.

Pharmacy Garden

Pond located at Art Building West

Bonus Code Question: The building that overlooks this pond was designed in inspiration of this 1912 guitar sculpture. Who is the artist? Hint: The answer is case sensitive.

Art Building West Pond

Wellspring Art Installation at Hancher Auditorium

Bonus Code Question: Sculptor, ______, was drawn to fish as a medium due to their deep connection to water as she believed water symbolizes the “subconscious and the mystery of things that cannot always be seen.” Hint: The answer is case sensitive.


Conifer Garden located at Eckstein Medical Research Building

Bonus Code Question: Before the installation of the Eckstein Medical Research Building Conifer Garden in 2010-2013, it was overgrown with shrubs. It is now a space where visitors can explore over how many species of conifers? Hint: The answer is a number.

EMRB Conifer Garden

Historic Fruit Orchard located at Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex

Bonus Code Question: This historic fruit orchard is dedicated to legendary American folk hero and apple farmer, ______, and contains a graft from his last living apple tree. Hint: The answer is case sensitive.

Fruit Orchard