The liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt is back and runs all summer-long (June 1-Aug. 31, 2021). Similar to last year, our scavenger hunt includes a fun learning opportunity in addition to the chance to increase your steps.

Yellow black-eyed susan flowers in foreground, students walking across bridge near UI Memorial Union in background

What is the liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt?

The 2021 Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt is a ten destination, self-paced activity that you can complete by visiting each location physically or virtually. Appreciating and learning about various art treasures on our campus can enhance your well-being. The University of Iowa boasts a compelling collection of public art that was acquired through Iowa's former Art in State Buildings Program. Learn about magnificent works on campus that highlight diversity through the artist, medium, design, or cultural heritage.

Who can participate in the liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt?

The liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt is for everyone! Only University of Iowa faculty and staff in 50 percent or greater regular positions are eligible to earn liveWELL points, but you’re encouraged to invite family, friends, or coworkers to join you on your adventures and learning. Register for the program in My liveWELL Portal to receive weekly emails with more information about the art works and bonus code hints!

Team-Building Ideas for Virtual, Hybrid or On-Campus work:

  • In team meetings or huddles, "visit" one of the ten art installations that are a part of the Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt. You can view and discuss the object or ask for a volunteer to do a 'report out' on the art to learn more about its history or the artist. Note: Many pieces have videos associated with them or interesting things you can pull out about how it came to UI or about why the artist created the piece. 
  • Schedule a walk to one or a few of the installations with co-workers; be sure everyone in the work group is included. Arrange transportation for those who cannot walk to the art. Agree to Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime someone who is not on campus.
  • Invite team members to share their own works of art or creative endeavors - in person or virtually!
  • Host a discussion on ways people like to be creative. Ask, "Have you noticed any ways that creativity makes you feel well? "

Why participate in this program?

The liveWELL Campus Wellness Scavenger Hunt is a great, fun way to stay active and improve your health while exploring parts of the University of Iowa campus you may not be familiar with. 

Destinations and Bonus Code Questions

Below are the ten destinations to seek out physically or virtually across campus and their associated bonus code questions. Starting June 1, find the answer to each question and submit in Employee Self- Service > My LiveWELL Portal for 50 liveWELL points each. 

East Campus

1. The Brain in the Mirror. Located in Psychological and Brain Sciences Building, E Side. Read the Week One Email Here

Brain in the mirror


Bonus question: Lynn Basa says this piece deals with the mystery of what happens when _____ starts flying in the brain. Fill in the blank.

2. Forest, Amber, and Gilded ChandelierLocated in Voxman Music BuildingRead the Week Two Email Here

Forest Amber and Gilded Chandelier


Bonus question: What material does Dale Chihuly use to make this art piece?

3. Untitled, Roberto Delgado. Located in Catlett Residence HallRead the Week Three Email Here

Untitled Roberto Delgado


Bonus question: Roberto Delgado attempts to capture the full _____, _____, and _____ spectrum on the UI campus. Fill in the blanks.

4. Iacto. Located in Adler Journalism and Mass Communication Building. Read the Week Four Email Here



Bonus question: The title of this piece is derived from what Latin word that means "to cast or throw?"

5. River of Life. Located in Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Read the Week Five Email Here

River of Life


Bonus question: The patterns along the river's edge represent both Native American _____ and American _____. Fill in the blanks.

West Campus

6. Scholastic Truth. Located in Petersen Residence HallRead the Week Six Email Here

Scholastic Truth


Bonus question: This artwork was inspired by a quote from which civil rights leader?

7. Gravity I LevityLocated in Nursing BuildingRead the Week Seven Email Here

Gravity I Levity


Bonus question: Nigel Hall's sculptures can be found in collections all around the world. Which major global city does this internationally known artist call home?

8. Going the DistanceLocated in Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Carver-Hawkeye Arena is currently closed to the public. You can find the answer to the bonus question by clicking the link to learn more about the art piece. Read the Week Eight Email Here
Going the Distance


Bonus question: Susan Kaprov attempted to reveal three things about sports by creating this piece. They are kinetic beauty, precision and _____. Fill in the blank.

9. Stone MotorcyclesLocated in Visual Arts Building. Read the Week Nine Email Here

Stone Motorcycles


Bonus question: What material are these four sculptures made out of?

10. Nile Kinnick StatueKinnick Stadium. Read the Week Ten Email Here

Nile Kinnick


Bonus question: Nile Kinnick wrote in 1943, "All people of whatever creed, nationality, or color must be accorded equal _____ and human _____. Fill in the blanks.